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arriving to Caracas

After a 45min flight we arrived to Caracas. Our flight to Lima was for 7pm and it was just 3pm, so we had a lot of time. We arrived to the domestic flights area. Everything was perfect, the only thing was that we had to wait a long time for our bags. Blair was getting worried about his luggage. While we were at the plane, I noticed some people were getting excited about a fat guy. They seemed to know him, mmm. Anyway, while we were waiting for our bags, I realized a lot of people were trying to talk to the guy and get a picture with him. It turned to be he was a famous singer in Venezuela.

When we finally had everything, we had to go to the other building in order to look for Lan's counter and leave our bags.

Going from the international to the domestic building wasn't too long. But this time it seemed to me it was longer. Also this time we had to walk outdoors. Blair asked me if there wasn't a bus. I saw one, but there wasn't any driver there, hahaha. So better keep on walking. We arrived to the international building, found our counter and left our big bags. Now, we just needed to pay the airport taxes. I have to say this was the most expensive airport tax I have paid in my whole life. It was almost US$55.-

I had US$ with me, but didn't want to use them to pay the tax, because they would have given me a really bad rate. Mmm, I saw a guy who seemed to be able to exchange me some money. So I approached and commented him I was looking for some Bolivares (the local currency).

going to the international building - it's really hot!!!
  He gave me a rate, I bargained and then he gave me the bolivares as if he were doing something wrong. Actually it was against the law. Then I paid the taxes and was ready. We did customs and passed security control.

We were in the duty free area with plenty of time. I was looking for my magnet from Caracas and Blair was looking for his shot glasses. We went to a restaurant and had lunch.  We were in our way to our gate.  I don't remember why, but I stopped and next thing I saw was Blair giving me a desesperate look. A lady was next to him just screaming that he has to board right now, his flight to Lima was leaving. I asked the lady what was happening. She was really worried about us missing our flight to Lima, hahaha. The lady worked for another airline, also going to Lima. It was just a big confusion, hahaha, we had still plenty of time.

Blair went to the gate and I went to other shop. I had to open my carry on bag in order to get a sweater. It was really warm outside, but it was cool in the building. While I was going to my gate, I met Kim, hahaha. This was so much fun! The details are in my "Meeting TB" blog, hahaha.

Finally we could board and my last flight was starting. Blair had still another flight left. The next day he had to take a flight to the States


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arriving to Caracas
arriving to Caracas
going to the international buildin…
going to the international buildi…
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