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arriving to Maracaibo

We arrived to Maracaibo at 9:20am. Before leaving the airport we exchanged some money, but the rate in Caracas was better. So I just exchanged a few. Only what I would need. I have already booked a hotel, so we just took a cab and drove there. It wasn’t my first time in Maracaibo, but the city has grown, the only thing that was exactly the same was the really hot weather!!!


After a 40min drive we arrived to our hostel, which was very well located in front of the lake. It was too early to check in, but I was hoping the people could find us at least one free room.

view from Maracaibo's lak
I was more concerned about my boss than about myself. I could just stay in the business center checking my email and contacting the people we were meeting that day later. Well, the girl at the frontdesk wasn’t very helpful, but I noticed I wasn’t the only one in that situation. The 3 fun guys of the plane were also there, hahaha.

I also wanted to do a call to one of the guys I was supposed to meet that day later, asked the girl for the phone and she told me I couldn’t make a call until I were in my bedroom. (?) I asked her to charge the call to my account, but she said it was impossible. What? The manager was there and she helped me. I was able to contact the guy and he told me we would meet in Ciudad Ojeda, which is 1 ½ hrs from Maracaibo. A friend of him would pick us up from the hotel.


It was noon and we finally got our rooms – well, I have to be honest.

I think it was worth waiting because I got a really nice room, hehehe. I just took a quick shower and we were ready to have lunch. I was staying at this hotel, because a TB recommended me it because of the location and the restaurant. So we went there to try the food. The restaurant is in the top and has an amazing view of the lake. The staff is really friendly and the food was delicious. Blair and I were just having lunch, when a guy showed up looking for somebody. He was the person who had to pick us up! He apologized for arriving in a bad time and told us he would meet us later in the lobby.


After a really tasty lunch. We didn’t have any traditional food :( We drove to Ciudad Ojeda. Wow! The drive was longer than I expected. I was feeling tired after the flights and also a bit sleepy after the nice lunch, hehehe. We had our meeting and they drove us back to Maracaibo. We were back at the hotel at 6pm.

Blair just went to his room and I stayed at the lobby. I wanted to go out that night – the last night from the trip. So I asked the girl (she was another one – not the same from the morning) for some directions. She recommended me to go to “Mi Ternerita” the new one. The 3 funny guys were there and also recommended me going there.


So I went to my room, called Blair and let him know about my idea. He agreed and we met at the lobby around 7:30pm. We took a cab and drove to the restaurant. It was a nice place, with good atmosphere. It’s a restaurant, but later it’s a club. The food was good. They are more specialized in bbq and meat. I had a cocktail and another local beer – Polar. It wasn’t late, but we were tired. I really wanted to stay later, because it was my last day, but I was too tired too.


We left the place around 11pm and drove back to the hotel. I was thinking about the next morning. I had to pack, do the check out and of course take care of my partner ;)


JimLNA says:
Wow! Do you realize you did more in two weeks than most people do in a lifetime? Great blog! You really make the best of all of your situations!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
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arriving to Maracaibo
arriving to Maracaibo
view from Maracaibos lak
view from Maracaibo's lak
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