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There are lots of sayings in the world. Some actually have there origins based in fact whilst others are nothing more than whimsical musings. To date there has been a proverb or saying for pretty  much everything that I have written about. A way of explaining the whys and wherefores in a simple sound bite. Tying everything up and placing a bow on it enabling it to be stacked neatly with all the other proverbs and sayings.


Its been a while since I wrote and it does, as always, feel good to be on the ivories again. Maybe its exorcising ghosts or maybe the feeling that people read this and take it as advice. They say advise is a way of taking nostalga from the trash can, dusting the crap off it and pedalling it for more than its worth. I don’t know as I am not the one reading. You decide.


For me its about clarity. Clarity of thought and clarity of sight. To be able place things down on paper, in black and white, in an order of sorts. It enables the writer to take a more valued look at whatever the subject matter is.


Since returning to the UK I was surprised and pleased to nail a good job pretty quickly. Still some life in the old dog yet hey!! Moved my sorry ass into an apartment in Hinckley and started to make the most of the trappings that being a corporate lick ass has to offer. Money, crappy meetings, wearing a suit, phone ringing (A LOT!!). The usual stuff. I have also started to do a little surfing which is pretty groovy. Spent some time in Cornwall, with some good people, lying on a beach and looking at the sun and of course the sea. What can I say. Is big!! Not just big its absolutely fookin enormous. Enough to give a small boy a panic attack of sorts. Having not seen such enormousness for so long it really does take your breath away, completely. That’s about it really at the minute. Trying to look at some plans but at the minute kind of struggling to find the right footwear as I don’t know what the terrain is going to be like in the future.


The future…….. well honestly I wish I knew. I do know that things have a way of changing, unexpectedly, wildly, strangely. The future has always tended to broadside me at 100mph and then drive off, leaving me with bodywork damage and enough whiplash to making sneezing no longer fun. That’s always the way its been and I have never tried to explain it. Maybe its time I did. Maybe that’s my future. Trying to work out just why my future did a hit and run on me.


When I know something worth knowing I will share it with you I promise.


Its normally about this point that I switch things to show some type of saying or proverb that relates to a story I just told. I didn’t just tell a story so there is no lesson to be had, no witty ending to this entry. Just hard work and long days really which are probably a lesson in themselves. A lesson for me for sure. A lesson in patience and poise, in commitment and confinement, in tedium and trust. Are all lessons worth learning? You decide.


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