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Well its early May and it looks as though my travelling time has come to end for the time being at least. 12 months ago we left the Uk to see what the world had to offer us. I think we were expecting all manner of great and beautiful things to dazzle our eyes and try to lure us away from the place we called home forever. Mother nature tried very hard and we have seen some stunning places. Mont Blanc in the peering through the clouds to greet us any day we wanted. Waterfalls on a sunny day that bought with them not only icey water but also created its own cooling wind. Snow so deep you could loose a large pyrenian mountain dog in it (or a small Vinny!). Days that will stay with me forever and nights that I cannot begin to sum up and put on paper. To try and capture them in photos would not do them justice so I will ask you trust me when I say the places we have seen have been truly breath taking on a truly majestical scale. Never did I think I would behold such beauty in my life.

The truly great thing about traveling, for me, is not where you are but the people you are with and the individuals you get to meet. Some of the people I have met over the past 12 months have been true individuals and characters on a large scale whilst others have not been who they would like to be and have been merely 'playing a role' in peoples life.

Let me explain further.

For me there were 2 types of people in the world when I started my voyage of discovery.

People who are who they say they are and people who arent. Simple, yes?

No. There is another group of people. A totally new category that until now I had never known about or even thought had existed.

Before we get into that I must explain my background a little first. Beofre 'chasing the dream' I was an account manager for a building materials company. You know, blue chip company, blue chip clients, dog eat dog, Gordon Gecoe, breakfast is for losers(lol). Think up all the cliches and there you have it. Thats what I did. I had 2 different types of people in my life. Professional business people and friends and family.

The friends and family part is pretty straight forward. They are who they are. No pretense. Just there. You have known them for almost ever and like it the way it is. Simple.

The business side is what you would expect. People happy to roll you over and have a little go on you for $5. Stab you in the back, front and sides whilst looking you square in the eye and saying it wasnt them, bloody dagger still their hand. No surprise though cos thats what you expected to happen.

To come back to the 3rd group of people. These are the people that I thought were in 1 group but actually belong in the other if you get my drift. These are the people that you thought were dependable and on your team when in fact they werent. And like wise the people that you discarded as 'out to kill me' actually werent.

So there you go! Disappointing for me but also suprising. You live, you learn.

Now is a good time to say some goodbyes I suppose. As is always the case with progression there always has to be some sort of cost with all things that move forward.

Goodbye to the French Alps. Its been real and I am sure that our paths will cross again very soon.

Goodbye to chalet huggy. You were great, really. The best chalet I ever had.

Goodbye to my gap year. We have seen some truly memorable times. Times that will live with me forever and have changed the course of my life imeasurably. Thanks.

From here its time to spend some time and find a new dream. Dreams are easy to find, everyone has them, you can even borrow someone elses. The good thing is that all you need to do to dream is sleep and even I can do that without completely fooking it up!!


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photo by: Widget_SFOR