26.04.2008 It was Inevitable!!

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House hunting!



The afternoons here are strange and the mornings stranger. I sat and waited for the sun to rise today but it didn’t really rise. I have sat in my bed looking up at the snowy slopes and waited for the onslaught of summer and sunshine for weeks now and it never happened. Nothing at all. It bypassed me somehow. The mornings do not seem to arrive here in the Alps, not in the original sense of the word. Morning has not ‘broken’ nor never will. Not here. Not in the winter.


It takes some explaining but winter mornings do not awaken here to a triumphant dawn chorus and the sun streaming over the far flung horizon to warm the chills from your bones.

OMG welcome to 1935.
It creeps in, silent at first and then building slowly but surely, to nothing really. Mornings here sweep over you as if that’s what has always happened and its nothing to get too excited about. I am sure it has and always will but my expectations were more. My thoughts were of great barrages of sun light breaking the mountain covers and screaming into the valley below but its not like that. It trickles in all winter. From December to April the 26th this is how it is but not today. Oh no not today. Today was a morning like no other. It began with sunshine on my bed. Yes sunshine on my bed. After 5 months of being missing from my chamber this cruel mistress returned and I was waiting as I have been for 5 months. I have missed her so much. She has been forgiven and welcomed back into my arms no questions asked. I don’t care where she has been and who she has been with. Shes home where she belongs.


From there we have been in flip flop mode. Not just me but everyone. The whole valley was today wearing flip flops and flimsy shirts. We were all a little cold but we didn’t care.




The village was full of people taking dogs and children for walks.

The agent says it just needs a bit of pointing and a coat of Ronseal. LOL.
Basking in the afternoon sunshine. People laughing out load drinking small beers and eating ice cream. Laughing at saison hiver (the winter season). Mocking it almost now that the sun has arrived to protect them from the grim winter chills and snows. Cyclists out on there bikes burning off their winter pelts and trying their best to not look over weight and out of condition. Walkers wheezing into town after bighting off more then they can handle for their ‘first walk’.


Today is like no other day. Barely 2 weeks ago we had snow in the garden and now I am wearing flip flops and silly floral print shirts as if I were in Ibiza. Only in the Alps can you do this.


This all comes to an end very quickly. Well at exactly 5.45pm. This is the moment that the sun drops behind the mountain tops and the temperature plummets at Chalet Huggy.

Just wondering what calamities the wood covers up. The car is free with the deal. It may be a deal breaker for me though!
Doors get closed, sweatshirts are put on, flip flops returned to the bag marked ‘summer clothes’ and normal service resumes. By 8.00pm the log burner will be lit. The other lady in my life. She never left me. She stayed through the long cold days and kept me company. Even when the going got tough, so very tough, she stayed and tried her hardest to warm me. All the people who have visited us know who I am talking about. For those who never made it out. Use your imagination.


As loyal as she was I hope that tomorrow will herald another short, summer day here as we leave in 4 days for the UK and I want to see as much of both of my mistress as possible before I have to leave them behind.


I love them both but not equally I am afraid.

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House hunting!
House hunting!
OMG welcome to 1935.
OMG welcome to 1935.
The agent says it just needs a bit…
The agent says it just needs a bi…
Just wondering what calamities the…
Just wondering what calamities th…
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