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Unfortunately the museum was under renovation so I only saw the top half. It was ok. The RM$2 was ok. Staff were so disinterested in the place I wonder if was  worth the effort to ask about tours. The said no. Ok even with a sign saying tours at 11am 5 metres away from them, didn't seen to interest them. I could get a job here.

I did many to get an understanding of the history the country. Well the basics anyway. Made a fortune on Tin and rubber. Been fought over between Portuguese, British, Dutch.....and the various tribes for hundreds of years.

So peace and independance has remaind finally here for the last 50 years. Muslim (very moderate type), Chinese,  and indian all live well together. Although there seem to be restrictions on the latter religions to just build and develop and they see fit. So still a major muslim force here. But having said that....many people decide how muslim and how strict they want to be with pray, dress and following tradition.

All very polite the malays. Even when I wandered into the National Mosque while pray was on for the young children, security weren't forceful...the guard just quickly walked over and pointed to the exit. The woman guard was upset at the person that left the door open for me to walk through and admire the pray room. One thing. They have really really great carpet. It's so soft get durable under your feet.

Just place if like me you have never seen a muslim mosque. Why is work and craftmanship always so good at a church and lousy in your own home......pfffffffffff,

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Another icon is the KL tower. Sure you pay RM$20 for this one, but it's still worth doing. There are many displays to tell you about the various areas of KL and you walk around 360 degrees. It's a more complete view and higher tower than twin towers.

Don't forget to get the free shuttle bus to the main tower from the front gates. Save your legs.

My feet are getting really sore not getting taxi's. More and bigger blister on my feet. Ouch. I think I will have to change to sandles for a while.

I got my first introduction to KL's rain. When it rains it's so hard and fast that no one tries to go out. Even with an umbrellla. The wind can easily colapse them and the driving rain changes angle, so people just stand around watching it. No one moves. It may last an hour or so...maybe longer, but people just stand there. Funny. But there if you do go out into this type of rain, you are soak in seconds! The only plus is that's warm rain, and it's always warm days here, so you don't feel cold...just wet.