Butterfly and Bird Park, Orchid park and Brickfileds

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Butterfly park....RM$17....it's fine to see.....boring if you are young....RM$35 for the bird park. A bit dear.

My idea was to see the things at these parks that are different to home. The type of thing you might do once for the region and skip the next time you come to KL.

Loved the hornbill birds....huge beaks....colourful, loud calls....hard to see in the wild though.

Like all tourist parks...the drinks, food etc are dearer and maybe a good idea to bring your own if you have family.

I was going to go the deer park too, but it's closed. Probably why when I ask the taxi counter how much was it to go to the deer park, he looked at me in an odd way. Mind you he didn't tell me it was closed. I had to get that from a taxi driver that was switched on.  And that's what I would have liked to have seen the most. pfffffffffff.

The suprise was the Orchid Park. For RM$1 it's a steal if you like to look at flowers and have a great view of the city too....I wonder if we can grow these in Melbourne.

The rain again. It's so hard that people huddle together almost in fear that the building we are standing under will be blown away.

Enough parks for the time being!

Brickfields. Another little india without the tourists. I felt more like a foriegner here with people looking at me and wondering if I was lost. Went down the back streets to see the places behind the places. By accident I came across a christian church next to buddist church. I was fascinated by them being so close together, only to notice a service going on....what the hell, lets go inside and see what the locals are like. Do they do the same chistrian things? Read the bible? Pray? Sings songs. Oh yes...and they are all great singers. So much better that what I have seen or experienced at home.

So I sat and listened to a great service - something I would have to be dragged to screaming..... At the end of the service, as I looked like a newbie, they were happy to stop, come over and welcome me. Even more so that I was from Australia. I was invited to a free meal that night to celebrate a birthday along with the members of the church. Lovely friendly people.....do unexpected things...and unexpected things happen to you.



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