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Well time for some culture.

This time I took the local Bus for RM$2 each way from Chinatown. The great thing about the bus, is it took you through where people live, what the areas that locals live in are like. And you get to see the local people get on and off the bus.  I am into seeing and looking at the local culture, not just another 5 star resort or  the local McDonalds.

Actually I have to admit, as soon as I got here, I went to McDonalds. I just had to prove to myself it really does taste to same in another country. And yep, it does. In fact I think the hamburger looked in better condition here...they use little carboard boxes that keep the burger in great condition, instead of the paper warped version we have at home.

Back to the caves.

Yes the golden statue is impressive. The walk up the stairs in very steep, and be careful and the step width is very narrow. You can easily slip and certainly a very bad fall is possible. There is plenty of places you can just stop and look around at the view.

The dark cave is RM$35 to see, but is nothing special to me coming from many limestone caves in Australia.

The statue, temples and various indian figures were more interesting to me. I am always impressed by people and what they create for there religion. If only we had the same passion for producing fine work in all areas of life.

There area many monkeys at this temple. People feed them too. The look very nice, but have there  dark side. I don't really like thier attitude, but it's good for pictures. Still I would like to see the local aborignals come upto the caves and eat a few of them.

KL has been cloudy and no sun so far.


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Just love the look of the towers at night. I couldn't get into the park in KLCC centre. For some reason police or security where there and it was zone off. So I was a little close when trying to get pictures.

The Taxi's are the only thing to get after 12am. Or walk. I chose to walk mostly. Blisters starting on my feet already mmmmmm.

Since Taxi's over charge foriegners (i.e. white people) you either accept it or see the streets by foot. I managed to get back to my little hostel in Chinatown by using the free map at the Malaysia tourist centre at 1am. No problems with many people and cars on the street. I never felt in danger. It was alway bright and warm, so I just kept walking!!!!