1st Day in KL.

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So I get to KL Sentral station just fine after the bus incident. All my fault of course.

The easy part I thought was simply to get a taxi from the Central Station to Stayorange in Chinatown where I booked to stay on the internet from pictures I saw. No problem.

My friend from Penang warned me to negotiate the price of the taxi or use the meter. Ok I thought...mmm....

So when a friendly and polite taxi man approached me almost as soon as I stepped off the bus, I thought mmmm....negotiate. Problem. I had no idea what the price should be. There is the problem. I thought RM$20 sounded ok to me in my dollars. I was later to find out this morning it should be more like RM$10 to Chinatown. Oh well, live and learn.

Taxis here often don't stick to the government rates and just refuse to take you anywhere. You can ring a number and get there ID, but do you want the hassle when your only sticking around for a few days...and that's what they rely on you doing....just accepting it. So if you like complaining go right ahead.

Well at least the taxi guy was a funny and a happy type.

The room (single) at Stayorange is very small. Just enough to fit your single bed and ensuite, and thats it. It's fine I suppose for RM$64 a night. Be warned you have barely room to put your suitcase anywhere but the floor, and no place to unpack your clothes too. And if you are over 6'4'' you might not fit in the room laying down. Space in limited. No windows either. So you have to use the aircon. It clean and tidy though.

There is also an echo in the hall ways, you can hear other peoples TV or music, talking, and you can hear the foot steps going up and down the stairs and hallway. There appears to be some happy staff that whisle and sing in morning while they clean early. Just as well I want to get up early too - no need to set an alarm!

The Hotel is on Petalin Street, which every day and every night is a bussling street market with all the noise and hussling that goes on. It's bright, active and noise is all around, but you don't hear it in the hotel from my 1st floor room. During the morning the road returns to being a transit way for the cars etc.

The Market gives you plenty to look at.  Make sure you secure your wallet and money. The alleys are small between shops, many vendors grab you lightly and try to steer you into the shop to look and buy. No, no just looking is the only phrase I know in KL. The are many fake items and maybe seconds or stock not suitable for the major shopping centres to sell. I noticed at least 4 different nike "ticks" all completely different shapes and designs, so know your brands and check the quality.

The other thing is being a stall if want something, you can't really undress and try things on e.g.  jeans,  you have to know your asian sizes and take your chances. Will the stitching come undone after a few washes? will the dye run? what local brands are trusted? Certainly there are cheap items and you can bargin easily with these guys...there are expecting it.





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Well it's been said many times before. The twin towers in KL is impressive. It is a work of art. The closer you get to the more details and form shows itself to you. The observation deck is a great place to see the city surrounds from and it's FREE! Just make sure you get there early, say 9am as there are limited viewing time. Also you can only stay on the observation deck for 10 minutes then they kick you off for the next group to view and take photo.

It's a modern piece of work, the shopping centre below has all quality name brands (Armani, Versace etc,) and is large enough to spend many hours in. The food court is like any ...which means pretty average...food that is heated constantly and not cooked as required. The unusual western fast food is there. In fact KL has so many KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza hut, 7 Eleven stores that is like any another western city.

The funny thing is I was eating at all the Malaysian's stalls and resturaunts and all the Malaysian's were all in McDonalds and KFC. Go figure.

Just love Twin towers and night. So pretty and a real icon for KL.

Oh the other great thing that all shops are open to at least 10pm, stalls even longer. So easy to get food around KL. So many stalls....there is always someone selling some food at any hour. So great!