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Day 2

"What's your hotel's name?", one of our tourist guides asked. I said Trang Tien and Wayne seconded. Driving along Trang Tien street, I told the driver to stop because we're getting off when I spotted the hotel but Wayne was having an amnesia and I didn't know why he wasn't speaking up when everyone was like asking us if we're getting off at Trang Tien hotel or not. And I was at the back calling out to him and telling him to just get out of the van! Now we're on the street and I asked him what he was doing when I was telling him to get off and he told me he was thinking where our hotel was then started walking to the left. I have assumed that he already knew that I have already spotted the place and just wanted to walk the other way to get some food. But then he turned to me and said "Can you remeber where it was?" I said "what? the hotel?" "Yeah". I rolled my eyes and grabbed him before he crossed the street and said, "it's over there! I just told you I know where it is when I told you to hop off of the van!" and he slapped his forehead and said, "God! You are so confusing sometimes!" IN VERBATIM! hahaha :P What?! I was the confusing one?! He was just not listening that's why! Haha! It's not enough to hear sometimes, duck. You should learn how to listen! Hahaha! j/k!

But then...Trang Tien hotel was now full and our room was already taken. Oh so that's the reason why the manager forced us to check out before we went to Halong Bay because the room was already reserved for other guests on that day. Pfft. Okay, no time to feel bad so with our backpacks, we headed to a restaurant but before we went in we checked for the prices on the menu first. Well the prices were really cheap for a posh place like that so we sat down and were greeted like royalty. Weird! Imagine Wayne and I in our dusty shoes, sweaty jeans and shirts among those women wearing dresses and men in coat and tie! hahaha! While they were holding up wine glasses, we're gulping down beers from mugs. hahaha! Talk about feeling out of place! But we didn't really care...we're too famished to care. :P Though we couldn't help but to laugh at ourselves the entire time we're polishing off our plates. LOL!

On full stomach, we started looking for another hotel and passed by the bars at the old quarters. Seeing those bars concentrated with Westerners, told us we're in the right place. Haha. So we knew there were probably hotels nearby and we're right! Well, we just ended up at a posh place again! But it's the nicest hotel ever. :) I actually love the view from that balcony looking out to Hoan Kiem Lake and the rooftop bar we went to the night before. :D ANd hey! I found a hair dryer in our room! hahaha! So why not use it before going out? :P Okay, I was a girly girl that night but shame, I got smashed and sick! Haha! But I had a great time as usual! :D Oh hang on, except for the part where we got locked out of our hotel for coming late so we have to bang on the glass door. Wait, did I really have a hard time with that? Hmmm, not really...I left the knocking to Wayne, anyway! Thanks duck!

Day 3 (March 19)

We were supposed to meet Jen in Saigon today but after getting a message from her that she'd be leaving at lunch time for Siem Reap, we didn't push our luck to get there. We'd still miss her because we're looking to catch the 1:30 flight because we're still smashed. hahaha. Or was it just me? I feel bad for not being there with Jen though so I thought she probably hated me at that time. hahaha. *I did make it up to you honey, didn't I?* :D After our last meal in Hanoi at Pho24, we flagged down a taxi for 11usd after bartering. He was asking for 16usd at first. But anyway, no complaints. The two of us got Vietnam Airlines' service to take us to the airport. Yeah, it's just for us. Haha! Took us about 45mins to get there so we weren't able to catch the 1:30 flight because we still had to change our money to Vietnam Dong! What's wrong with paying in dollars?! Hahaha! So Wayne and I ran to currency exchange booth then as soon as I got mine, I rushed to que up at Pacific Airlines. Pfft! So luckily the flight wasn't full yet so we got seats for 3:15pm. Sweet! We're just in time as the passengers were already boarding! Our ETA in Saigon is after 2 hours and we're already hungry so we got ourselves cup noodles on the plane. hehehe. :P By the time I finished mine, Wayne was already in deep slumber beside me...there's the narcoleptic again. hehe ;)

*pictures are posted on the previous blog entry :D
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