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Hello, just sending an update of my travels so far. 
In my last email I announced that I graduated from the YWAM DTS. Also that my friend, Donna and I would travel to Landstuhl to visit soldiers on Good Friday. Thanks for your prayers as we were given access to the hospital. We met a local german couple who supports the soldiers and also a local military officer who escorted us around the base.
I was amazing by the Fischer House. We met several families staying there in hopes that their loved one would receive full recovery and healing. I had fun coloring with a 5 yr. old little girl and eating chocolate Easter eggs with her. Also we gave out care packages in the hospital to the soldiers. It was not easy for me to see the soldiers injuries.

My heart went out to them. It was hard to hold back the tears. Some of the soldiers were really shook up and had a hard time too when talking with them. Wow, I have a whole new view and appreciation for these guys now. Before I couldn't really relate to the war or the military, even understand the full impact of Donna's soldier ministry - although now I see how important it is and have a greater understanding of their service to our country.
After leaving, Donna and I went on to see Paris, Lousanne, Soloturn - where we spent the day with my friend, Rolland and his family. Donna and I kept fighting over the opportunity to hold Frederick, their son - who is just the cutest little boy. We also went to Burn, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, and Salzburg before heading back to Germany on March 30th.
Yes, we were exhausted - but we had many laughs and fun memories to talk about in the years to come.

We, both, got stuck in the ticket station doors in the Paris subway station. Plus trying to get a picture holding the leaning tower of Piza was hillarious. Donna couldn't quite figure out how to move the camera to get the shot, so my arms about fell off moving them higher.. then lower... now forward... then back ...... you should have seen us.... we were bogged down with heavy luggage and laughing uncontrollably... I can't wait to show you the photos when I get home.
After taking Donna to the airport on April 1st, I jumped on the train for Prague.
After spending ALL DAY on trains.... I'll spare you the details and mishaps), I finally arrived in Prague at 9:32 pm. Luckily I called Michael (*a couchsurfer I would be staying with *) and he met me at the station. I would not have liked walking around a strange city in the dark.
Michael and his room-mate Jesse were both Americans and have only lived in the city for 3 months. They took me out to the pub that night and gave me a tour of the city. . They were nice and trustworthy so don't worry .... I actually felt very safe and had no worries. Their place was totally a man's bachelor pad, but it made for a good nights rest. Plus the next day I was able to spend a few hours (while leaving my bags at their house) sightseeing before going on to Plzen.
I arrived at the bus station and was greeted by Pat around 5:00pm. I felt at ease as we rode in his minivan and the conversation was relaxed and flowing. The Foyes home and YWAM office is a historical mansion that they have been renovating for the past 6 years. Pat showed me my room so I could drop off my luggage. I was amazed by how beautiful it was and it hit me - this will be the 1st time in 7 months that I will have my own room. It was like heaven! I even had my own private bathroom too. Also they had a goody basket with snacks beside my bed and a mini coffee bar in my room. There were fresh towels and a complete set of bathroom products too.

We proceeded upstairs to the 3rd floor of the villa - this is were the family lives. I was immediately greeted by Lady, their 4 yr. old cocker spaniel who loved being the center of attention and having me pet her. Then I was welcomed by Barb with a warm hug and Timothy (12) stepped into the room to say hi. We spent a few hours sharing stories and learning a little bit about one another. Barb prepared a delicious pasta dinner. Luckily their eldest son, Christopher (15) arrived just in time to eat. He had been out taking skateboarding lessons.
After dinner I shared more of my stories aboard the Next Wave and we watched the videos I created on youtube. Then we chated for a little while longer with me spoiling Lady with petting and a back massage. I love animals! I thought of Sugar, my cat and how I look forward to snuggling with her when I return home. It was after 9pm and I was tired, so I said goodnight and made my way down stairs to my room. I am so excited about having a place all to myself. A place to get much needed rest and to read, journal, and just reflect on the past several months. This place is a safe haven for me. I'm so grateful for God bringing me here , for the Foye family hosting me and their gift of hospitality.
Thursday I joined the morning prayer meeting. The Foyes gave me a tour of town and we had a delicious lunch at a cozy little place in town. I had dinner with them also and then went to see the Manon Lescaut Opera. How exciting! A night out on the town... :) 

Friday: Today was low key.....writing journals, emails, reading a book and tomorrow I'll say goodbye to the Czech Republic and head to Krakow, Polland.

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photo by: vulindlela