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I am lazy. I won´t deny that. So, I am going to sum up about 4 little towns in one bloggity blog.

We left Bocas del Toro, our heads still spinning from the tiny bit of partying we got ourselves into. Took a nice boat ride through crystal clear waters that surrounded hundreds of jungle covered islands, more often then not untouched and uninhibited. I shall claim one mine one day. Christine Island. Anyway, we bussed it to a little mountain town called Boquete where we stayed with what I can only assume was the friendliest family in the entire world. "HOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAAAAA CHICAS!!!!!!!" all day and all night. nice though. We spent a couple days here, basking in the chillness that is Boquete. Went to some hotsprings, some hikes around the mountains, and bathed in a river. WHICH btw, I almost died in when the current swept me down the river and i had to fiercely cling onto some sharp rocks before the river took me!! If i wasn´t so unbelievably strong and svelt, I´d be fish food by now.  

Due to an unfortunate laundry mishap, we had to spend the night in the 2nd largest city in Panama called David. We were feeling a little lazy and a little giddy with the prospect of watching the first television we´ve had contact with in weeks, so we ate pizza and watched tons of really bad t.v. We both got stupider that day.

We decided it was high time for some beachin it, so we planned a little route along a handful of beach towns on the Pacific side of Panama called Peninsula Azuero.  Chitre was the first stop, i had a good sandwich there. that´s really all i remember about it, to be honest. We did some shopping too. I bought a shirt with a pirate on it. really cool. Then through Las Tablas to a tiny bite sized town called Pedasi, which was little more then a town center with a church and 2 restaurants (another good sandwich). But a quick 20 minute walk down a dirt road and you will get to a stunning expanse of white sand beaches, complete with palm trees and huge crashing waves...and not another soul in the world as far as the eye can see.  We spent a couple days basking in the sun on this deserted beach, only to fry our skin and probably ensure skin cancer within 10 years. Katie´s nose may fall off.

After what could probably be classified as a stalking by a local guy, we decided to hightail it to the city a couple days early. I think we are both glad we did.  This city is amazing. There is so much to do. We´ve watched a storm from the ruins of an old convent and went anteater hunting and even ran into a guy from my high school, all of which was really fun except for the beers with the guy from my high school. That was just weird. really really weird. O-H!! N-O!!

More about this great city later...

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Panama City
photo by: Biedjee