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We left a bitty little town called "Gracias" at the crack of dawn today. Or tried to leave, but the door was locked so we politely woke up the owners (my shoe hit their car and set the alarm off). Turns out we had to pull not push. Well, gracias for telling us that. We made it though, and now i´m in a little internet cafe filled with loud pre-teens that have just gotten out of school and are giggling like crazies about some website, presumably porn or perhaps a funny myspace page.  kids these days.  We are in La Esparanza, a nice dusty little town which is thankfully off the well beaten tourist path. Horray for no white people! We came because Katie used to teach english at a school here a couple of years ago, which has disappeared apparently. To find it, we hitched ride in a truck that was so packed with people, that even if we did crash, we´d probably all just break eachothers fall. Or die, i guess. Anyway, the school disappeared into thiiiiinnn dusty aiiirrrrr...creepy. Oh well, tomorrow we are getting up at an ungodly hour to make it to the Bay Islands by saturday. Hopefully we won´t have to set off a car alarm to leave this time.

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La Esperanza
photo by: brett4321