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While I was a temporary worker in MA, my friends from PA came for visits. These are pictures starting with Massachusetts, Newport,RI, Cape Cod, Salem, Boston & Gloucester. I am grateful for the times I was there.

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August 13th, 2004North Attleboro, Massachusetts
August 14th, 2004North Attleboro, Massachusetts
August 18th, 2004Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
August 20th, 2004Fall River, Massachusetts
August 22nd, 2004Fall River, Massachusetts
September 11th, 2004Newport, Rhode Island
September 25th, 2004Carver, Massachusetts
September 26th, 2004Newport, Rhode Island
October 9th, 2004Salem, Massachusetts
October 10th, 2004Newport, Rhode Island
October 23rd, 2004Plymouth, Massachusetts
October 24th, 2004Plymouth, Massachusetts
October 31st, 2004Cape Cod, United States
November 6th, 2004Hyannis, Massachusetts
December 12th, 2004Cape Cod, United States
December 31st, 2004Newport, Rhode Island
January 1st, 2005Wellfleet, Massachusetts
January 2nd, 2005Newport, Rhode Island
January 23rd, 2005North Attleboro, Massachusetts
February 5th, 2005Eastham, Massachusetts
February 5th, 2005Highland, Massachusetts
February 5th, 2005Provincetown, Massachusetts
February 13th, 2005Scituate, Massachusetts
February 20th, 2005Jamestown, Rhode Island
February 20th, 2005Point Judith, Rhode Island
May 6th, 2006Milford, Massachusetts
August 26th, 2006Salem, Massachusetts
August 27th, 2006Boston, Massachusetts
August 28th, 2006Cape Cod, United States
August 29th, 2006Gloucester, Massachusetts
October 13th, 2006Boylston, Massachusetts
October 15th, 2006Newport, Rhode Island