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92 2nd Street, home of the Bordens, now a B&B

We all know the story; or so we think.

  • "Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks.
  • When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one."

Well I wanted to know as much as I could so I took another trip to Fall River to visit the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. I read that guided tours were done of the former home of Lizzie Borden. After some missed turns and passing by the house twice looking to where to park, I found a spot and parked up the street. For the actual tour, you have to enter through the printing press beside the house. The house sits on 92 2nd Street and was built in 1845 and was later bought by Andrew J.

Exact spot where Abby Borden was found facing the wall
Borden who had 3 daughters, Emma, Alice and Lizzie. Andrew who was widowed, married Abby in 1865 and she became Lizzie's stepmother. On August 4, 1892 between 9 and 9:30am, Abby was murdered in the guest room. Her body was discovered by the maid and a neighbor. On the same day, Andrew Borden was found on the sofa in the sitting room with 10 blows to his face by a hathcet! Autopsies showed that Abby was murdered at least 90 minutes before Andrew was. Lizzie was a prime suspect and after a trail in 1893, she was aquitted of all charges. This case was never solved and the house is said to be haunted.

The guide was almost a spitten image of Andrew Borden which was really cool. He took us through almost all of the rooms in the house including where both murders took place. When we got to the sitting room, he even took the position on the sofa of how Mr. Borden was found! I should have taken a picture of him and we were allowed to take pictures. He took us to the guest bedroom where Abby was murdered and we saw the exact spot by the bed where she was found. There was a green dress on display that Abby wore. Out of the 7 rooms to stay in, this is the most requested room by visitors staying for the B&B! That would be creepy but cool I think. Besides all the bedrooms, we were also shown the kitchen, living room and rooms in the attic. The tour was very interesting and from all the information, I think Lizzie did it, but that is just my opinion. :)


euphemy says:
Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the tour. :)
Posted on: Apr 01, 2007
UB91 says:
Great posting! I've been there once. You've done a good job capturing the the feel of the house.
Posted on: Mar 31, 2007
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92 2nd Street, home of the Bordens…
92 2nd Street, home of the Borden…
Exact spot where Abby Borden was f…
Exact spot where Abby Borden was …
Abbys dress
Abby's dress
I had scrapbooked the pictures so …
I had scrapbooked the pictures so…
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