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It has been a while since my first entry and I planned on posting more but never really worked out. I have a dutch weblog as well and I don't like to write things twice ;).
When my parents came over, we went to county Kerry. There is a National Park of Killarney which was beautiful. We drove the Ring of Kerry but unfortunately it was very foggy why we couldn't see so much but it got better later in the day so we saw the bit in Killarney National Park. I met a friend of mine there who had moved to Killarney a few months ago. His mum was there as well so we met up in the restaurant where they just had dinner. Later my parents joined as well which was kind of funny all together.
A few weeks ago I went to Connemara, a National Park just north of Galway, with my friend Bianca where we went for a picnic and later climbed a mountain. We climbed the Crough Patrick, the mountain where St. Patrick stayed for 40 days to pray for the Irish and where he did something to get rid of the snakes in Ireland (don't know what though). It was quite a though climb over a very rocky path but once you get on top of the mountain, you forget about all the pain. You have to mind that you don't get blown away (what happened to me) since the wind is very strong up there. I came home with a lot of muscle aches and a few bruises from falling on the way down, but it was worth it!
Last week I went to Barcelona with my mum and we had a brilliant time. Saw the usual stuff like the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell and we managed to get in to a cactusgarden through a hole in the fence. My mum wasn't really comfortable, which was actually kind of funny, so we didn't stay too long. Of course we left again through the hole because she was afraid we would still have to pay if we didn't. It was definitely a nice stay there and I hope to go back again.
Tomorrow Holland is playing Romania, let's hope it'll be a nice match. I'll have to work though (asked for it so I couldn't spend so much money in the pub) but I'll have my friends to text me everything.
That's all for now, slan!
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photo by: AleksandraEa