Piura is ... slightly let down by the occasional smell of sewage

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This is as good as Piura got - a school carnival with psuedo-beauty parade passing typical colonial church thing!

Piura is the first town I´ve visited in Peru, having taken the easier and safer border crossing via Macara (recommended, no hassle at all getting across thank goodness, although the passport inspector was visibly sceptical that the person in the photo was actually me.  Although this concerned me at the time - I didn´t really want to be left on a bridge literally not existing in any country - I took it as a good thing given how awful the photo looks.

Anyway, perhaps I´ve been harsh to Piura in the title of the entry - it was, after all, only occasionally that I caought a whiff of sewage and that might have been the fault of the hostal as much as anything.  But me and my brief South Korean travelling partner Philip agreed that the place had little to offer after a brief walk round and he cut down the time he was expecting to stay there to just one night.  My trusty guide had already indicated that the place didn´t deserve more time, so no changes needed to my plans fortunately!  The evening walk was made more interesting though by a political demonstration (yey, more politics to be interested in) and a rather safer-looking parade by some girls celebrating the anniversary of their school with a beauty-pagant syle affair. I tried to ask the girls whether they were upset that the attention their parade deserved was being diverted by the protest across the street, but inevitably my Spanish was not strong enough and they just smiled and laughed.

Oh and Peru is hot.  It´s probably the same on the Ecuadorian coast but becuase I´d suddenly descended from living in the Andes for weeks it felt stifling.  Think it will get better as I go further south, and the heat might be more enjoyable if I come across a beach or two!

Next stop Chiclayo, and then Trujillo, down the main road on the west coast.

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This is as good as Piura got - a s…
This is as good as Piura got - a …
photo by: Schwein46