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An example of the plane we used to fly over the desert, only our´s was half the size (not a very good example then I hear you say - fair comment!)

Travelled to the town of Nazca which is really only famous for one thing - the lines that were etched into the desert thousands of years ago.  There are loads of theories of what they meant - ranging from astrological calendars to signs that the Shamans could use to help them on their spiritual journeys (supposed flying in hot air balloon type craft).

We took a ride in a small 5 seat aeroplane over the desert so we could see the lines from above, the only way to see them properly.  Even then they seemed pretty distant and the number of other various lines and markings in the desert make them pretty hard to make out.  The ride in the plane banks on one side and then the other to allow all passengers a good view, and I found that I´d just spotted what we were supposed to be looking at when we took off for the next series of lines and shapes.

Play guess the object (hint: it´s my favourite)
  in all we saw around 13 different formations, my favourite of which was an ´astrologer´ that looks like a wobbly drawing of someone who may have come from out of space or who might be waving at aliens in space!

Other objects sketched in the sand include a monkey, spider, humming bird, a normal bird, and a person with massive hands.  I´ll let you play the fun game of ´guess the object´ using my rather poor photos!

Overall the experience was a good one - the plane ride was fun if not a little ´sick-bag-to-hand most of the time!  But the lines themselves were a little smaller and less distrinct than perhaps I´d though beforehand.  Still, at the very least they are interesting doodles!!


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An example of the plane we used to…
An example of the plane we used t…
Play guess the object (hint: it´s…
Play guess the object (hint: it´…
And can you get this one?
And can you get this one?
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And this one too?
I think there are at least 2 in th…
I think there are at least 2 in t…
photo by: ulysses