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Inside a wine bodega - lots of wine!

Everyone had told me how nice Mendoza was so it remained firmly on my planned route into Chile despite equally large cities such as Cordoba having to be dropped due to time constraints.

And indeed it was a nice place, full of pleasant leafy parks which came alive with impromptu gigs (good) and clown acts (very very bad), and good icecream.  However, two things stand out from the usual wandering around on foot.

One was the trip to the huge park on the edge of town, discovered only after walking through some very upmarket leaft suburbs.  This place was large, had a good lake and was clearly where the locals went ot hang out at the weekend until the clouds unusually opened and spoilt the otherwise perfect weather.

Grapes, clearly
  It was also were Tom and Beth (2 previous travelling companions from Huaraz and La Paz) happened to be catching some sun.  An extremely chance encounter as I walked aimlessly and lost, trying to find the exit, and suddenly almost stepped on them.  We had both been meaning to email the other, but I had no idea they were even close to Mendoza.  Anyhow, that was fun as we caught up and got caught in the heavy shower.

The second highlight was the trip to the local wine bodegas which is the thing you just have to do here.  We visited 2 bodegas, and an olive producer.  The first bodega was large and modern, using massive vats to ferment and filter the wine.  But it had history too, and a good collection of he old equipment used hundreds of years ago when the Spanish brought grapes and the concept of wine with them along with Catholicism and murder.  The second place had even more character, a small place where we could see the small barrels in which wine was currently ageing.  Of course we got to try the wine, and oddly most of it was poor/average (at least to my untrained taste buds), but drink is drink even if it´s before 11am (there was no spitting out for me)!  The olive place was vaguely interesting, and whilst I am sympathetic towards olive oil, my general hatred of olives themselves (in a league with marmite and licorice) meant the tastings suffered somewhat.

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Inside a wine bodega - lots of win…
Inside a wine bodega - lots of wi…
Grapes, clearly
Grapes, clearly
photo by: montecarlostar