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So I have now had the leaving party. A wonderous occasions filled with family and friends and people who love me. I've had early valentines which included go karting dressed for forumula 1 ( amazing), and dinner at the OXO tower (amazingly expensive). I've had lunch with my aunt. Worked my final day in New cross. Packed, written lists, bought shit, spent money on foolishness. Made phone calls, thrown stuff away, been injected with good knows what in the persuit of good travel health. Caught a wretched cough, through which I have smoked the whole time, and wondered why its not clearning up, duhhhhhhh.


There is still a whole weekend, left to go. So why do I feel so numb. Why are humming birdss fluttering in my stomache from morning to night. Why are my jeans so fu$%ing tight. Its a strange feeling, knowing that you are about to leave life as you know it for 8 whole months, Daunting, exciting exhilariting. A time full of wonder and awe, and fear and tears and LISTS!

I'm down to the definitive definitive list, and have to decided that if its not done by sunday, chances are its not going to happen.

My Boyfriend. I'm leaving him. My best friend, my confidante, the wiper of my tears. He who laughs so hard at my jokes, especially the filthy ones. He who loves me when I dribble, cough on him in my sleep, and fart. Yes I fart and he knows and is ok with that..yehhhhhhh.

I'm leaving him, but trying not to really think about what that means, as it scary and im hanging my thoughts on his arrival on the 27th of April and all the fun we will have. The next 6 weeks are purely about me, what I see feel, do. In many ways I wish I had not planned to see and do as much as a I have. I feel like maybe I have missed something. Like having no plan and seeing where the mystery of India takes you. But I fear I will never return to this place, so my itinerary is busy and full, and I hope I like Indian trains, as I will be spending many a night on them.

I'm nearly packed, my house looks like a nuclear bomb has gone off. and I guess its time to go to bed. Saturday, sunday, and then monday

Operation, Stacey & The world...prepare to Launch.xx
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