A man flashed at me at the Indian Visa office

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Ok, well let me clarify. Not flashed at me as such, more...like...masturbated in front of me. Oh god,  hold on whilst I go an be sick. A harmless journey to go and get my visa, even if rather late, resulted in my getting sexually abused my a previously unknown Gujurati man. The story is rather complicated as with most things, that get into my orbit. But I'll try to break it down in bullet points.

  • meet Gujarati man on the stairs of the visa office in Victoria. Place is way packed
  • He asks if I have a light, I say yes but no smokes
  • He says " no point in going there, ive been waiting for hours and my number is x, come out and I;ll get fags
  • I offer to buy him a coffee as a friendly gesture, though how I end up spending 2.45 on some one who gave me a cigarette I didn' t even ask for is beyond me.
  • We go out side. he to sainsburys me to starbucks, we converge outside
  • Dude asks to share my smoke, which is my 4th indicator (the others were far more subtle), that he wasn't quite the ticket. A bit shakky in the hand you know
  • I say no, light my own smoke, he then asks me to light his. I do and then........
  • I swear no word of a lie. I was so shocked that I kept lighting his cig, my jaw was hanging
  • I look him in the eye and ask " what the hell are you doing, why are you putting your hands down your pants"
  • He takes his grubby hand out and looks at me, and kind of smirks and his round rimmed glasses kind of hit his nose ( further clue, serial killers and assasins always seams to wear round rimmed glasses. Anyway, I digress
  • " I didn't have my hands down my jeans he said. His grubby hand was shaking and he went to reach for the lighter in my hand
  • It was then that I realised that he didn't even smoke. He was blowing out and not inhaling in, and looked like a 12yr old taking the first furtive pull on his dads benson and hedges. 
  • After a few further seconds of further idol chit chat, " yes I was shocked enough too still talk to him", he said he had to leave, and scuttled off.

I won't go into everything that happenned afterwards, but it included armed response teams, street ID parades, and Belgravia police station.

However this little "incident", did have its fringe benefits

  • On leaving the police station, I went back to the visa agency and was fast tracked through all the ques and seen in like ten minutes flat. There was still easily 150 people in the room. 
  • Horrfied boyfriend said I had to come and meet him straight away for lunch and I was treated to a lovely thai lunch in Russell Square
       All of this before 1.pm

Anyways, needless to say it was a long day.

Roll on India, where I'm sure men touching them selves in front of me and smirking will be a daily occurence
esposabella says:
LOLOLOL......Sorry for laughing but it's too funny!!! That guy is such a joke and needed to have his scrawny arse kicked.....You would not believe the countless times i've had to tell an Indian man off for being too fresh!!

Dont let this spoil your India trip because it's a beautiful country :)
Posted on: Feb 11, 2010
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