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Disclaimer: Some of the terminology used in this piece may not be politically correct. If that bothers you...then stop reading now!

Ever since the incident I am about to scribe happened, there has been a pain in my heart that has not gone away. I have debated whether to even validate such monstrous happennings with words, descriptions, an admission of my pain. But some times words are all the justice you today, I will be the judge and the jury and care not.

Our arrival in Penang was painful. The result of a 24 hour journey from Thailand, that included 4 hours waiting at Surat Thani transtation, as our driver, who collected us from the ferry and was supposed to deposit us in central Surat Thani, was so desperate for our money, that he asks us as soon as we got on the bus (that we had already paid for), whether we were going to the train station.

We say "yes",

he says "that will be another 150bht, you pay now".

Stranded in this dark place, with no idea where the train station is...we pay, as did 'falang' another couple. 2 hours later, after being thrown into a mini bus overloaded with people and luggage, everyone local gets out, and only the falangs heading for the station are left in the bus. It's then that we realise our tour driver is the last 'offical' stop there are 20 odd drivers all offering taxi's, and considering it's 8pm and out train does not leave until 12.40am..we do not need to be at the station so damn early.

But we have paid already haven't we, with no option of a refund. We have once again been 'falanged'..a daily occurance in Thailand. So four hours waiting in a shit hole station, eating dehydrated noodles from a pot it is then.GREAT!

Anyway, we arrive in Penang, get the ferry from Butterworth to George town, exhausted, sweaty, tired and hungry, its been a long journey.

First impressions of Penang are mixed. T.I.N.T...This is not Thailand. After nearly 3 months there, I'm quite attached to the place.

Hmmmmm.. high rises, people in suits, hijabs, Chinese writing on the walls, alongside Malaysian using the english alphabet The place feels like a dumping ground in away, for people who just ended up here,which sounds kinda rude, but it's my blog and that's what I thought, so I can say what I want: right!

We get a local bus to the area of town we wish to stay in,and get off. Packs on our backs, we walk. Penang is dirty with these crazy side walks that remind me of India, with flood drains everywhere...walk carefully or break your fucking leg.

We look at several hostels..based on the guidebook prices, we think we can get a budget room for about 10rm per night...err... after closer inspection, we realise that the guide book we had swapped for our own 'more uptodate' version, becuase it had more comprehensive information about the places we are now going to visit is about....5 years out of date. Malaysia is bloody expensive.

Even a shit hole dump of a room will cost at least 25rm, after seeing a few hell holes, we settle on the Bannana hotel in Jalan Chulia. And there the nightmare begins.

The place is run by unsmiling, tourist hating Chinese people, with a 'fuck you' attitude. I have met their type before in Thailand. They hate you,(especially if your black, and that is not an unwarranted statement, I can site many other examples of where this has been the case) - but love your money.

The room smells of mould, the first thing I do is light an incense, but we are too tired to keep looking. After going to get some food, Andy decides to go look for something better we can move to the next day, I am too tired to walk any further and decided to go wait it out in the lobby with the laptop. Wifi is everywhere in Malaysia. Great. Maybe I will like this place after all, everyone knows that instant access to Google at all times can only be a good thing surely.

It's then that I encounter COLIN LLOYD from Conventry. Or has he has more commonly become known, "The sad miserable cunt, that I would like to cover in honey and maple syrup and tie to a tree in the African jungle and let die a slow death, by every class of insect and anything else that fancies a quick munch.

anyway, I digress.

CL, is the sort of man you usually avoid. He's sweating, his pupils are slightly dilated, he walks hurridly like he has somewhere and no where to be. He's opening line to me is...

" England eh, which part"
"London", I reply
"Londons a big place", he says
"I know, so's england", I say..thinking 'here we go'

"I'm from tower Bridge", I respond...

Ohh Tower Hamlets he says..

"No Tower Bridge" I say. Going back to my laptop and hoping that the annoying little sweaty man will now go away

"My sisters lives in stoke newington", he goes on...
"oh...really" I say. "I know there, I used to work near there. Quite a rough area"

His response is "yeah, that's when all the black gangs were there".

I brace.

What is he going to say next?

"But I suppose it's the Turks and the kurds now" (WHAT A NICE MAN)

I'm not really sure how to respond. I stay silent.

In someways he is right, but coming from CL the cunt, it doesn't quite sound right. He then mentions something about being here to 'find and marry a lady boy'. Yep...we have a wrongun on our hands.

I go back to what I'm doing and hope that he will go bother someone else.

He does


"Can I check the news on your computer when your done" he asks

sure I say...I'm not mean, just busy, but when I'm not, he can quickly use my notebook, apparently there has been a mass shooting in Cumbria, some poor man has lost the plot and shot half his family and friends. Oh...OK..NO probs

He goes to play pool with a tiny American man...I breath a sigh of relief

He comes back to my table...

"Oh,your on FACEBOOK now"....err....'Colin' I say, 'it's my computer and you can use it when I'm done'.

He respnds something like this...

"Yeah...but it's paid for by the government for people who are on the dole"


I'm temporarily stunned into silence.

This man must be crazy. What kind of rude, arrogant, presumptious shit is that to say to some you don't know, have only just met, and have asked if you can use their belongings? All answers on a postcard please.

He goes back to playing pool. Something in me rises. I think it's tears, anger, fustration. I think about walking over to the pool table and pouring my bottle of water over his head. DICK HEAD

Instead, I go outside for a fag, hoping that Andy will return soon. Then somthing in my clicks. I'm not having this nonsense.

I walk over to the pool table and inform Colin that I found his comments and him very rude and totally inapporpriate. I think it may have been then, that he starts telling me that "he has black friends you know".

WARNING. The next none black person who tells me about their 'so called black friends' from what ever backwater town their from, will soon find they're speaking to my 'Big Black Ass'.

I mean, what century are we in, here you think you have to validate any conversation you have with a black person by highligting how cosmopolitan you are, that 'you have black friends'. BIG WOW.

I take my belonging and go to sit outside, hoping that Andy will return soon. He takes longer that I would have hoped.

In this time, I start talking with the tiny American man, pleasantries about his businesses in Phuket, the ball ache of having to keep doing visa runs, and how he's planning to pass the time until he can return to Thailand. I miss Thailand already.

CL the cunt, comes over to the table and it all begins:

To be honest, I can't remember, neither do I have the energy to record and write all that was said verbatim. But lets just say his obnoxious, rude, racist, arrogance continues, and no longer in polite mode,I set him straight on a few things, making him look a complete mug in front of the man, who only a few minutes earlier, when he had been out of ear shot, CL had been calling 'a Yank and complete ass hole'.

Anyway....the incident progresses like this:

A 16 plus stone man and I, who was high on drink and drugs as I later found out, end up physically fighting on a Penang side walk. He rips the top off of my back, and punches me like I'm a man. Don't worry, I give as good as I can. The bite he has in his side is so severe, he later claims to the Police that I glassed him. In moments of utter fury, I wish that I had.

The china man who runs the hotel, only comes out when he throws me against the window of his shop. But needless to say, of all the 6/7 men of all different races, creeds, colours and cultures, including Europeans might I add, NOT ONE comes to my aid. Not one.

This, I now understand, it was hurts the most. Not the physical injuries I sustained, which luckily for me, were limited to a few cuts, bruises and general soresness all over. But,the fact that out all these men, or fuck that, people, there were women there too. None of them came to help me.

I was just a little black women,with a fat, crazed, white man pounding me into the pavement of some strange country, and no one cared enough to help.

China man only came out because he thought his window might get broken, telling us to "move the fighting across the street".

I should add,that not but 1 hour earlier,we had paid chinaman for the displeasure of staying in his shit hole of a hostel. I was supposed to be his guest! I later find out the CL was not even staying there.

There is a glass of coffee on the table, I go to throw it over CL, but it hits the chinaman.

Now I have another enemy.... Chinaman is in my face screaming all sorts of obsceneties, he looks like he want to smack me. "to quote Cedric the entertainer "I wish a mutherfucker would"

But I don't care, I'm ready to kill. I realise that'Im on my own, and I know that I will fight to the death. I WILL NOT BE ABUSED BY ANYONE. I do not care which country I'm in.

It is then that Andy turns up and tell Chinaman to back up, and I finally break down. Hot, salty, angry, massive tears, and I demand that the police are called. I'm murdurous, but most of all Heart Broken.

-------------coming soon---------------------

Part two: The police station....Malaysia is just as corrupt as anywhere else..and I have proof!!!!
atlantiz46 says:
I can't imagine what it felt like, but sorry you had to go through it, it sucks. and it still happens and continues to happen!!!..... Its cases like this that the "I have tons of black frienders" should step in and be active, BUT THEY DONT, which proves who they are!! hope your okay!!
Posted on: Jun 17, 2010
Mezmerized says:
OMG Stacey, this is shocking. I am so sorry that you had this experience, I feel quite sick now. Sending a big big hug. xx
Posted on: Jun 07, 2010
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