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 › entry 3 of 34 › view all entries last a drunken slip up. One of my girlys lets it slip that I had recently purchased a new Vivienne Westwood dress. This was not exactly a secret, but I had chosen to keep the fact from my other friend who I will be travelling with. Because I knew I would get an absolute hammering about not being able to afford it. And she would be right, but it was soooooo nice, and fit like a dream, and nice, and looked good, and nice...and urghhhhhhhhhh. I just had to own it.

But as she rather eloquently told me...."that dress could feed in you India for a month"..(more like two, I continue to withold the actual price)..and she is right. I did bring the dress back....but it was a hairy moment. Getting told off for spending my own money, great!! But it did bring into focus...that if I am serious about making this trip happen...(which I am like heart attack). I CANNOT be spending 3 figure sums on whispy bits of fabric..I'm likely to wear twice!!

So yes, I guess you could say there has been progress of sorts. I have taken to having friends over, rather than going out...Shopping in charity shops..which I did anyway..but now it feels noble, for a cause...not just because I love a bargain, especially a vintage one. I have put and will continue to put stuff on Ebay. I have cleared out my wardrobe and identified at least 7 dresses that have never been worn. I have taken off my acrylic nails which is like cutting off my arm....but I reneg on that one...sorry they're going back on. Frugal does not have to mean looking a state, lol

I have also decided not to fall in love...if you can indeed make that decision??? I guess the absence of someone to actually fall in love with kinda helps, but I don't want to be in a relationship when I get on that plane...I want to be completely open to what ever life has to throw at me and not pining for someone back home...who didn't share the same vision as me! So yes, I believe I have made progress...not much, but a little...I have also nearly got all the money for the ticket which gets me excited just thinking about it. And if that aint fricking progress my dear...well then I don't know what is!!!
staceyjamie says:
Thank you for taking the time to read my rambles honey and comment, that makes me feel real nice.xx
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
fifirella76 says:
Am literally rolling aorund the floor laughing about the time I found out about "the dress" ohhh too funny... Not laughing so much at the bit that descibes me as the person who you were travlling with arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
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