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So my easy landing in Mumbai came to an end, and was celebrated with chai, butter biscuits, and cigarettes in Seema's apartment, as we said good bye to Marcus the Guppy fish, who had become overwhelmed with fin rot and looked unlikely to last the day.We were all sad. Luckily I was already packed and chantal and I took a rickshaw to Andheri station and train to Bandra, then another rickshaw to Bandra terminus, by the time I alighted the train, I was sweating like a Spanish goat and worried I may smell worse than the fellow passengers, you know I have a thing about bad smells, especially BO, a very routine smell here. The western toilet on the train smelt so bad it made me gag. Never in my life did I think I would chose a squat toilet over a flush toilet, but I guess even then you’re still squatting, unless you have a death wish and sit on the pan..OMG I feel sick at the thought.

The Indian train is a funny, unbelievable thing, and considering the lengths the people travel on it, and the number of people and extremely well organised thing. I was in ac2 class with a middle class Indian husband and wife who were adorable and have travelled more than I had. It’s amazing the preconceptions you have about people, and a big Indian mama who just ate and ate and ate, and tried to feed me too. Lawd god the woman could eat, lol.

17 hours through the night at 9.30 this morning I arrived in Udaipur.

Leaving mumbai I saw several things:

• children shitting on the road with thought a care in the world, all that was missing was a magazine, and cigarette
• men women and children walking along the train tracks like they were train proof, I mean they are everywhere, the railways are a life blood to them and at every stop you will hear calls for chai, and be offered sandwich’s which look guaranteed to lay you up on the toilet for at least a few days
• Cows, chickens, hogs and people growing all manner of herbs right beside the railways tracks. I'm guessing the quantity of shit they have access to, makes it a rather fertile place. Shit from indian trains goes straight on the tracks. The same tracks the people walk along bare footed
• whole families living underneath the most ragged piece of tarpaulin with gleaming silver pots sat outside their....err..... house.
• Men shaving, women cleaning the front of their tents, carrying gallons of water on their heads, too many barefooted, dirty, beautiful children to count
• more filth and plastic bags than you will ever see in your life, and men liming and playing cards right by it all
• houses being built 4 stories high by men with no safety gear on what so ever, standing sky high on rigs made on what looks like twigs. Health and safety is most definitely a foreign concept here.
• a sister hood of pensioners singing and clapping in their sari's like they just shared a bottle of pink Lambrini, and soo many other things the mind boggles.
I'm now in Udaipur, which is interesting, and yet to be explored, more thoughts and pictures to come.xx
staceyjamie says:
Not really possible from the ac part of the train, but I will do next time.xx
Posted on: Feb 11, 2010
kalpita says:
You didn't look up at all
Posted on: Feb 11, 2010
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