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Today I bought a packet of rolling tobacco. I initially ordered my usual brand.. "ten Marlboro lights please"

She scanned them..£3 fricking quid! I never usually notice. Ten a day for years. Then it dawned on the maths...that's over £60 a month on killing myself.

This is not an anti=smoking jag, and I had done these maths before...they just took on new meaning this time.

But seriously £3 quid a day, that's a lot of money over a period of time. I decided that this extravagance would be the 2nd to go. I bought a packet of Amber Leaf. Now every time I try to do a rolly at the bus stop. I feel like a pikey. No insult intended to rolly smokers....or even pikeys.

If my newly acquired pikey status doesn't convince me to stop...then probably nothing will..........err..well maybe lung cancer! But let's not go there.

My 1st sacrifice was Osunlade on Saturday night. The party everyone has been getting excited about for weeks. One of my favourite dj. Club Abacus £20 quid on the door, £7 a drink £25 in taxi.

I'm staying home.

Yes England, where in the middle of a credit crunch.. Crunch them 'out going's' sista gurl, or your arse is staying LDN.
I tried to cheer myself up by thinking my saving was the equivalent to another week in india...and everyone who went was a mug : (

But by mid-night, I felt kind of powerful in my decision. I know it sounds shallow, but last week there was no way in the world that I was not going to be at that party. A week later I had CHOSEN to stay home, because I wanted to achieve bigger things. I was serious.

The idea of spending on nothing but the essentials for the next 6 months is daunting. I don't consider myself particularly hedonistic with money. In fact I'm quite frugal and will always find a bargain. But I have a penchant for pretty shoes (counting over 60 pairs). I have a pretty o.k salary, but every month I'm waiting for pay day with baited breath. Aside from the billage, were does all my money go?????

So I have decided to turn being penny pinching into a game. No more leaving that 20p I dropped on the floor because I can't be asked to pick it up. No more £25 bottles of wine in some swanky wine bar, that would cost £5 if bought in Tesco and drunk at home.

I have a feeling I might not have many friends left when I get on that plane! Anti-social cow I'm about to become.

OMG.......I need a sugar daddy, lol. But seriously...I want to see if I CAN live on the absolute minimum. Something I have never tried before unless, I had the absolute minimum. So it was by default, rather than by choice. I hope as I see those pounds grow in the bank, this feeling of denial of self, doesn't grow into self-righteousness?

Cos.....right about now. I can't shut up. I have to tell everyone I meet " cos,,,I'm going travelling in Nov".....then..... they ask the obligatory... "oh were"

And I go rambling off into the escapade that exists so vividly in my dreams. I'm not sure if it's for their benefit or for my own! Like if I say it enough, believe it enough, I will concieve this thing that has haunted my dreams for so long. I HAVE to go. I will back a bag, a smile and go and see the world.

It's like by telling people, I have to make it happen. I commit.

Or maybe it's just plain old 'bragging'. I do no, I'll look plain old 'stupid', if I'm still here come X-mas. I'd laugh at me.

So the big mouth vows to be frugal, but not the point of starvation, and...........humble.

'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference'

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photo by: ulysses