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I had to sit down and write this to stop my head from exploding. Its 2.39am, and I have crept out of bed, leaving my baby. That in itself feels treacherous. We are soon to sleep apart for the next 10 weeks, and here I am making midnight jaunts, for cups of tea, herbal remedies and inane travel chitter chatter.

The thing is, right now my brain feels like a branch of Starbucks on a monday morning, with so many rushed half finished conversations going on at a million miles per hour. So instead of counting sleeps, at the moment I'm counting sleepless nights and it sucks. I can't believe its come so soon, my stomache feels like Zippos circus has come to town, and Nelly the elephant is dancing a jig on my guts. WTF. I thought this part was supposed to be fun also.

 I'm all researched out, well not really. I just can't seam to get pass the first 6 weeks in India, everything else justs seams so remote, not real even. When I reel of the list of places I will be going to anyone who shows just a glimmer of interest in my life. I feel like I'm talking about someone else. For so many years, I talked and planned and spent money. Talked and planned, and did other stuff. Talked and planned and did nothing. But last year I talked and planned, and saved and did something, and in Gods unbeatable way it all got more complicated when I met the love of my life in Sept 2008.We now live together, and there is a whole next person I have to factor into my plans, which is amazing, but complicated, and I have to try my damndest to make sure he has the trip of his life, and does not just follow me on mine.  Here is the predeparture list that has been keeping my tired ass up tonight

Get india, vietnam and Thai visa. cutting it fine I know. But on that this week
cancel my bank statements, think of re-directing my post
Make a final decision on what were doing with the flat and action it
transfer funds into the right accounts, order my currency
Get my jabs done, and smear test..yes I said it smear test YUrghhh
Pack my clothes away in moth proof bags...get rid of stuff that doesnt fit, or is circa "never to be worn again"
scan in all important documents,numbers, itinerary and send to  both BF'S
Change over all music on my ipod, and update itunes
download a couple of series onto usb stick for long journeys, plane etc
decide on whether to take the messenger bag or day pack
order credit card pins
Contact all pre booked hotels to confirm reservations and picks ups
Organise leaving do- open house, bring what you drink
decide on what to do with my hair. Is now the time to lock, or should I just shave that shit off, and have a wash an go..ummmm
get together pics of my family and friends
Pay off all outstanding debts..die debtors die
Email friend in Mumbai my arrival details. Thank you lord for friends in mumbai to cushion the culture shock-kinda


Travel insurance, why does this shit have to be so damn expensive, can I get my money back if nothing happens...no ..thought not!
Buy two long sleeve tops
Buy Birkenstocks and decide on trainers or converse. Cant believe I got pipped on those two Nike air presto on ebay, cos I was to cheap to do 'buy it now'. Auction my a...
finalise packing list
buy 3 combi locks
sun glasses, strap
8mb memory card for camera
new usb stick
new journal
2 reading books
zip locks bags, get all documents printed out and bagged up
Duct tape
portable washing line, do I really need one, will any old piece of rope do?
3 pairs of socks,
Money belt, new change purse
inflatible neck pillow, too many planes journeys to be without one of these
ipod case, and arm band
head phones
night wear..what do you wear on a hot balmy night in India...Urmmm NOTHING.

I keep thinking that I've forgotten something, vital, essential that will make or break the whole trip, but what the heck is it. Oh yeah, my passport and a sense of bloody adventure. Stop over thinking this woman, I tell myself. But I cant help it. Keep adding new shit even as I round it up for the night.

Phew. I'm glad I got that off my chest. The frantic way I have been pounding the keys of my brand new bestfriend "samsung notebook", tells me I was over anxious.

The minutes lain in bed felt like hours, and Ik new there would be no respite, until there was an outpour

So there you have it, no pictures as such. But if you could see my mind. It would be yellow

Good night.xx

sylviandavid says:
Crazy, fun blog.... Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 02, 2010
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