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In 2001 i was working as a glamour model and was in Vegas for the first - and only time, staying at the stratosphere hotel.
This is the hotel Which has the tallest observation tower in the USA. Although i cant realy remember much of this part of the trip ( much to the disapointment of some readers of the male variety im sure!)  I do remember that the stratosphere was a top class hotel, everything you could possibly need in one place.. and more, including Vomit inducing theme park type rides  - well maybe for me but i am a bit of a wuss ;-) I think it was pretty pricey so definatly not one for backpackers or people on a budget but more so if you have a bit of cash to spare and want a more comftable stay. www.thestratospherehotel.com

Anyhow i was out in Vegas with 2 other glamour girls and our manager. The plan was to visit the 3 day Porn convention and also go to the award ceramony to which we had been invited. The convention was great! In some respects a real eye opener. Lots of stalls selling and demonstrating  anything from favoured lube to vibrators to whips to some of the more risque types of bondage equipment.
Porn stars and glamour models strutting, shimmying and paradeing around like shiny underdressed peacocks, signing autographs and posing for pictures with exited young men, older guys and woman- alike.  Myself and the two girls i was with were also obviously dressed to the nines and all being blond, slim, attractive - and english!  We caused a little stir of our own.  I had great fun signing autographs and posing for pictures with people, they obviously had no idea who i was but still wanted their little suveniers which i thought quite funny and definatly ego boosting! :-)

The night of the AVN porn awards we spent ages getting ready - as girls do. I was wearing a black tube dress that shimmered in the light, hair and nails done and dusted it was all very exiting. The other girls looked beautiful and our manager and his partner were all tuxed up.
We entered the building and walked down the red carpet which was all roped off with loads of press either side, its all a bit of a blur but we definatly got snapped and had a chat with a few reporters. Usually as we were nobodys in the porn world we wouldnt have got much attention but i think the fact we were from the UK might have swayed it abit.

The Awards themselves were unfortunatly a bit of a disapointment. We has a lovely big table to sit at with a free bag of goodys and some bubbly for good measure, but it was just incredibly boring. So after about an hour of sitting and listening to actresses gush about how they couldnt possibly have gotten the award for triple penetration if it wasnt for their manager and so on ;-P  Myself and the other girls decided to leave. We went into one of the casinos and chated to some people, went on some slot machines and generally had a bit of fun. Unfortunatly and quite stupidly i went up to the bar to order a coke and they asked for ID. Now bearing in mind i was 20 at the time so didnt have any i tried to talk the bartender around but was asked to leave the casino. Crap luck!! I hadnt realised that if you are under the legal age that you cant even be in a casino or order a coke, i personally think thats pretty out of order, but hey that didnt stop me in LA.. I got clever.. but thats another story :-)

I definatly reccomend vegas as a destination to experience, maybe only once! Depending on how good you are with keeping your purse strings tight :-)  Also if you like your porn, are into bondage, swinging or anything of the sort then you would love the convention, its great fun and you might get to meet your favourite star!!

Thats unfortunatly about all i can remember from Las Vegas. But a longer more in depth write up on LA is to come.

I also would just like to apoligise 1. for the crap spelling and grammar which i cant realy correct because i am just that - crap at it.
But 2 and more importantly for my writing style, the fact is im actualy a very good writer ( im actualy writing a book at the mo) but im hungover and tired and well i cant be bother to write properly im just writing it how it comes into my head :-)  which although not great its readable.  OK groveling over, enjoy!

Oh and ill ad pics when i get to a scanner xxx

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Las Vegas
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