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The markets in cortona. One of the few pictures that will actually load!

On saturday the whole theater program was supposed to go to this performance in Cortona and meet at 5:30 PM at the train station. Elizabeth, Kevin, Ryan, and I decided to go early and explore Cortona. We walked off the train and decided that we would walk up the hill to Cortona. After about a mile and a half straight uphill we decided to take the bus. At the top we discovered the cutest little city where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed. First thing we did was pay for the bus ride in this little shop that turned out to be a calligraphy annex. It had the most beautiful leather bound books and all sorts of Commedia Calenders. I bought a calender with the Commedia characters because I thought that it was really cool considering the work we are doing.

Then we started walking around the town looking for the fountain that had been in the movie. In the process we walked all the way up Cortona, which is quite a hike and into two different churches. The views of Tuscany were breathtaking and I kept freaking out that I was actually in Italy. It only took me a month to realize it.

After a little more hiking we walked down to the main street and had some soda and spamone. We then went to wait for the bus to take us down the hill, which was running late. We finally got down to the train station at exactly 5:30 and another girl from our program, Alissa, showed up. We sat at the train station waiting for the mini van to pick us up and the rest of the people from our program. No one showed up. It was really frustrating and at six o clock we realized there must have been some kind of mix up, so we went up the hill to get dinner. We had dinner at this little pizza place and then took the last bus back down the hill at 8 pm. If you are ever in Cortona be aware the busses stop at 8 PM, which is incredibly early. The bus ride down the hill was one of the most nauseating experiences of my life because the driver was crazy. He drove a humongous bus down tiny roads at like the speed of light. The other plan of the day had been to go to the free beerfest in Pronto vechio because there were tons of trains from Arezzo, so when we got back to Arezzo on the train me and Kevin tried to find the train to Pronto Vechio. Sadly, it was another bust and we missed the last train. So, with a completely weird and unreliable day me and Kevin went to two bars. We went to this bar called Martini and back to Mr. Blooms. It was good though because we had great conversations about the dynamics of the theater program. I have had problems with the fact that people on this program can be exclusive, but not in a mean way. It is just that I tend to take it personally. Kevin made me feel better and I ended the night on a fun note with him. We are both determined to find boys in Arezzo... or Italy

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The markets in cortona. One of the…
The markets in cortona. One of th…
photo by: petrarchanprincess