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Sunday was  one of the laziest days I have had in the entire time I have been here. I slept in until about 10 AM, but the stupid church bells kept waking me up. And its not like they just ring a couple of minutes before mass. They usually ring at the most random times like 8:25. Is that really necessary? After I got up I just chilled and ate my frosted flakes. I decided not to go on an intense hike with other people because I was feeling lazy. Instead I went to the Arezzo team's final baseball game. let me explain. At the, gelatto store/bar down the street, we met this guy named Steve who is an American, but coaches the Arezzo team. Me, Jim, and four other music students walked about 45 minutes to the baseball stadium where we found only a few people. We started to watch the game and I noticed some discrepencies like their pants were way too big and they didn't use cleats, rather pumas. The game was not good. And I am not someone who goes to watch baseball often. We left early to get back for dinner and then after dinner we went down to the gelatto bar. There were tons of Italians and i worked on my broken Italian. I learned a valuable lesson that night. Gelatto and wine are horrible together; seriously horrible. After about an hour I got Steve the coach to drive me home and had a nice relaxing night of sleep. Then this morning was woken up by my next door neighbors internet alarm, which is to the tune of JAWS. It was soo confusing at 7:30 in the morning.
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photo by: farfalla84