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This is a quick summary of my fun weekend: Friday Night: We went to a pizza place where I had the best pizza I think I have ever had in my life. It was amazing! After a lovely dinner we went to a bar called Mr. Bloom's. They had every kind of drink out there. There were like 30 of us, from the program, and we just started getting drunk on the street. It is a big hotspot and there were Italians everywhere. I drank a whiskey sour, mojito, and capainea... oh and I had already had two glasses of wine. After this program I will be going to rehab. Just kidding. It was really fun. At some point,  the boys started to talk with these Italian girls. I decided me and my friend Christine needed to meet some Italian boys. We went up to this one guy on the street who was gorgeous and just started talking about clubs in Arezzo. He then told us that he made purses for Gucci and that the club scene in Arezzo doesn't really get going until the middle of september. His name was Raffael and I think he was interested in Christine, but it was still fun trying out my horrible broken Italian/English.

After this at the group split up and half of us went trolling the shady parts of the city for another bar. The boys in the group Andy, Jesse, and Chris had found an awesome bar a few days earlier, but by the time we got there it was closed. So we went to another bar that looked like something out of a mafia movie. The old bartender served us banana splits, popcorn, oily flat bread and beer. On the TV there were commercials for shower calking that just happened to include naked women. They were hilarious. While in the restaurant all we heard was horrible America 70's music, like old Billy Joel and Afternoon Delight. After a while we left and went to the park outside of the duomo where my room mate Kate and Claire got gellato. We sat around and this time an Italian radio station was playing. Let me just say that it was horrible. Italian pop is incredibly corny. Well, I don't want to make that kind of generalization. Maybe it was just this radio station. At 3 we finally walked home finding a Toad along the way.

Saturday: I got up early to go to the open air market today. In the middle of Arezzo they have this humongous open air market every other sunday, so we went for the cool finds. Elizabeth, Noelle, and me went off on our own to explore the whole thing. It was by far the biggest open air market I have ever been to. It went for at least five blocks and had everything that you could ever want. We found this awesome stand with 5 euro tank tops and wanted to try them on, so we had to go to the back of this guys mini van. It seemed so sketchy and it was something I would never do in America, but they were nice and I got two new shirts.

After walking around for like 3 hours and picking up a pair of 10 euro sneakers and an umbrella we decided it was time to get some food. We meandered back to the corso and found the high fashion part of town. However, at 1 PM everything was closed, so we looked for some open restaurants that were not flooded with tourisits. That was another unbelievable thing at the time. There were so many tourists everywhere; especially German tourists. My proudest moment though was when some intensely American tourists asked us for directions. Suddenly I was the expert on a city I have only lived in for a week. After finding a tiny bistro to eat at we rejeuvanated and went looking through the antique portion of town. There was such cool things like chairs with antlers and screens with Marilyn Monroe. At some point we decided gelatto was a good idea and got completely lost looking for a gelatto place. We ended up in the San Francesco church to see the frescoes and were not disapointed. The frescoes in this little church and stained glass picture of jesus are awe-inspiring. Finally, after about an hour and a half we found the gellato place where I got the best chocolate and nutella ice cream ever. Then we headed back to the villa. By the time we got back it was five thirty and we were exhausted. Instead of going out later with everyone I just passed out late watching the Muppets Take Manhattan. Muppets are amazing!

ophirh says:
I miss gellato ;)
Posted on: Sep 11, 2006
Maureenie says:
I really enjoyed reading this. So did Zach. I hope I can talk to you before Wednesday!
Posted on: Sep 10, 2006
Amanda says:
The bar with the banana splits, popcorn, and beer sounds so cool - did you take any pictures?
Posted on: Sep 10, 2006
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