Going back to Goldstream...a rain forest filled with greenery everywhere!! (Vancouver Island, B.C.)

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I can't believe the amount of moss, trees, plants of all sorts (that I can't name) living here in the wet lands of Vancouver Island ... I'm just amazed, perhaps it's because I've just returned from Hong Kong/Asia and the air and surroundings differ so much ... as I breath I realize how lucky I am to live here in this part of the world where polution can be high but certainly can't be found here in this quiet medow ...

the plant life and wild life (eagles and other birds) look very healthy ... my sister keeps telling me to move from Ontario, Canada to British Columbia, Canada ... that's quite a ways away from family and will cost close to $5000 for my hubby and 3 girls to see grandma here in this country ... so unfair, our country so large that if you live on the other side you better have the $$ to fly back and forth ... the way I think of it, better to keep that $$ for overseas trips

Goldstream is one of many sights to see if visiting in this area of the woods, pardon the pun, but it is beautiful in the winter or summer ... a place to see, smell, and touch ... sit like I do and look into an object you find in the woods and all your troubles will vanish as you experience the rain forest of Goldstream Provincial Park on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada!!!

row-zzzzz says:
Bev ... of course this area would make you send smiles!!! Your area of home :)
Posted on: May 06, 2008
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Goldstream Provincial Park
photo by: row-zzzzz