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Shopping area with green and yellow trams, just like in Melbourne

Get up late, pack and check out around 11:30.  I get a taxi into the shops, not far, but my feet are still sore from yesterday.  I’m looking at some tops and the lady starts gabbling away to me in Finnish (or Swedish).  I have no idea what she’s saying.  This has happened to me before.  Kelly was amused the night that we left Stockholm, when a guy rushed up to me trying to sell me an Amex card.  I obviously look like a local, complete with my dyed blonde eyebrows and he was chatting me up in the local tongue.  I’ve even seen a couple of guys who look a bit like Ian, so perhaps there’s something to our Finnish ancestry.


I look in a few shops and buy a couple of souvenirs in Stockmann, a huge department store here.  There was also a Stockmann in Tallinn.  Have an open shrimp sandwich; these are popular here.  Piece of bread, lettuce, three or four slices of hardboiled egg, large dollop of mayo with dill and lots of plump, juicy shrimps.  There’s also lots of salmon and smoked salmon here, including for breakfast.  Same as in Stockholm.


Catch a cab back to the hotel to pick up my case etc and then proceed to the airport.


Lounge is Finnair/Qantas One World lounge.  Pretty ordinary, 2 hours free wifi, drinks, ordinary food.  Not a large lounge at all. 


I think I forgot to tell you about an experience in an airport lounge, don’t remember where, think U.S.  Drinks weren’t free, except for Qantas Club members, ie the local club members had to pay, but Aussies didn’t!  The guy was really nice and didn’t even ask for any proof.  He said that all Australians said they were QC members.


Plane leaves at 5:30 pm for Seoul, a flight of over 8 hours.  I think it’s an Airbus 340, Finnair Business Class, 30 seats, all filled.  Attendants are pleasant, seat is easy to adjust, but it’s oh so hard for trying to sleep and doesn’t go anywhere near flat.  Powerpoint for puter.  Singapore First is still my favourite.

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Shopping area with green and yello…
Shopping area with green and yell…
photo by: portia