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My bedroom, Cuenca. Ensuite through timber door.

School from 8 until 12.  I go home for lunch and later go to the bus terminal to buy a ticket for Ambato to Quito, which I forgot to buy on Monday.  The ticket lady is very unhelpful and doesn’t answer my questions.  Eventually I find out that I have to buy the ticket in Ambato, or that’s what I think she says. 


I then go to the River Mall and buy the ingredients for tomorrow’s lunch and a cheap bottle of red.  I have to substitute some ingredients for others and not surprisingly can’t buy Worcestershire sauce.  The closest thing to Philly cheese turns out to be more like Philly Lite and I can’t grate it, like I usually do.


When I get back to the house I make the cannelloni which, including talking to Elsa, fills in my time until around 9 pm.

Walking to school, another dreary morning.
  We don’t have a proper meal in the evening, although I can ask for a sandwich etc if I want something.  Elsa is very interested in what I’m doing, and simple things like burning the skins of red peppers, and then removing them, for the salad, fascinate her. I had intended to make a brownie slice as well, but didn’t buy the ingredients as I thought that I would run out of time.  I may make it when I stay in Quito.  (Thanks John)


Today’s trivia.  I’m paying USD10 ph  for Spanish lessons and the teachers get USD3 ph.  About the same proportion as in Sucre.  Functions like the cooking lessons and talk on famous people are included in my fees,

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My bedroom, Cuenca.  Ensuite throu…
My bedroom, Cuenca. Ensuite thro…
Walking to school, another dreary …
Walking to school, another dreary…
Interrupted lesson to go onto the …
Interrupted lesson to go onto the…
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