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Children dancing in the street, Cusco

This morning I have to go to the school for my lesson.  Although it isn’t very far from the house, it’s up a very steep hill so A and I catch a taxi NS2, AUD0.73.  They have run out of rooms for teaching so Fanny teaches me in her bedroom.  She has very young twin boys, one is downstairs, awake, the other is in the bedroom, asleep in a cot.  Fanny is married to the chief administrator/manager of FairPlay.  My grammar lessons aren’t really about learning grammar, but more about putting it into practice. 


Basically I spend the time talking and listening…and being corrected.  At 12 o’clock  Allison and I catch a taxi back to the house.  We have a 3 course dinner, but three savoury meals, no desert.

More children dancing.
  Alison and Marjolein go off somewhere and at 2:30 Nele arrives.  I want to organize how to get to Poroy tomorrow to catch the Hiram Bingham train to Cusco, as it doesn’t leave from Cusco.  We go to the station but the man there isn’t helpful.  I try to ring the Peru Rail office four times from a public phone but keep going around in circles (same as in Australia).  Eventually I get to speak to someone who can help me.  She says “you can catch the bus, but the best way is to…….” And the phone cuts out at the crucial point.


Nele and I walk back to the Plaza de Armas and I find a restaurant that has wifi.  Will return there for dinner.  Then we find a tourist agency.  I ask about getting to Poroy tomorrow morning.  For USD20 I arrange to be picked up outside the house and driven to Poroy to catch the train.  Nele and I return to the restaurant and she has a coffee and chicken dinner and hurries off as she has another lesson. I stay and do the blog and start to organise accommodation in Lima.  The food is nice and the staff excellent, complimenting me on my Spanish…oh well, I like to believe them.  The restaurant is Tupanchis on Plazoleta Espinar.  No smoking.  They’re not cheap but I would recommend them.  NS128, AUD50.  This included dinner for both Nele and me.


I get back to the house around 9 pm.

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Children dancing in the street, Cu…
Children dancing in the street, C…
More children dancing.
More children dancing.
and more
and more
photo by: Vlindeke