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"Our" street where we catch the taxis

Lessons this morning.  We started off in the dining area as it was quiet because Fran had taken the children for a medical assessment at around 6 am!  There are no appointments and the children have to pass a medical assessment before they can go back to school after the present one month vacation.  Apparently at around age 14 there is also an Aids test!  They came back around 10, having passed their tests, so everyone was happy.


At 3 pm Maria Jose and I took two buses and went to the Banco Central Nacional Museo in La Mariscal, reputed to be the best museum in Quito.

Saint Bernard saying goodbye to his owner from the rooftop
  The museum is around 60 years old and has a wide collection of archeological assets, from the different tribal groups in Ecuador.  It also has a gold collection, but after seeing the magnificent collection of the Lord of Sipan in Peru, it seemed less interesting.  There are Colonial and Republican art collections from 1534 to 1820 and 1820 to 1944 respectively.  We went to the Contemporary art collection, which often I would give a miss, but it was quite interesting with the use of diverse media for the exhibits. 


We were at the museo for around two hours and then went and had an ice-cream.  We were in La Mariscal and the café had wifi, but was in an area open to the public.  I’d never produce my laptop in such a public place.  I wanted to buy some things at the supermarket and Maria Jose knew where there was one; we ended up walking for a very long time, but finally arrived there.  By the time we shopped, got a taxi, picked up Mariana, then dropped off Mariana and Maria Jose at a friend’s house (I was too tired to go), it was around 8 pm before I got home.  Had dinner with Fran and Jean Pierre.  At 9 went to bed to read an “old” book of Rachel’s, Daughter of Fortune, by Isobel Allende, which I have nearly finished.  My initial interest in the book was because the first part is set in Valparaiso, Chile, which I have visited.

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Our street where we catch the ta…
"Our" street where we catch the t…
Saint Bernard saying goodbye to hi…
Saint Bernard saying goodbye to h…
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