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Military Museo de Antonio Jose Sucre

This morning I had a shower for the first time since the fall.  I’ve just had to wash as best as I could as the shower is in a bath and too difficult for manoeuvring up until now.  After my lesson I fiddled around in the room and then met L at 3 pm at the nearby Museo Militario de Sucre.  BOB3 for L and BOB10 for me plus BOB5 to take photos. 


Just after we went into the museo there was a dear little mouse eating something against a wall.  Some teenage girls started screaming when they saw the mouse.  Then the ticketseller comes out of the ticket box and runs over to the mouse to squash it with his big boots.  I turned away; it was really horrible.

Shame about the nosewheel, among other items.
  L and I were totally unimpressed.  Bolivians, including Marco and L, have told me that there’s a real problem with machismo, including violence towards women, in Bolivia and apparently also in Mexico.  The ticketseller just had to show what a “man” he was, by killing a mouse for the girls.  Ugh.


I thought that the museum would be interesting and it did have lots of really interesting writing and pictures but the whole display was in Spanish.  So disappointing, as even to read it in English would have taken hours and in Spanish, well, I had no hope.  I could understand a bit, and L explained some of it when I asked, but I did feel ripped off today.  It’s the only time that I felt that I should be paying less than the locals. 


Apart from the extensive written explanations, there were some old cannons, a plane, and old equipment from about the 1930’s including typewriters, an adding machine, radio receivers and Bev, a Gestetner; brought back memories of copying L’Envoi back in the 1960’s!


After the museo we went down and found that the watch “shop” was open and the man was there, not the boy.

From 1974, flew in Bolivian Air Force
  We saw the watch that I’d really wanted and it was only BOB120, AUD16.92.  Three new watches for less than $45.  Two are Casio’s so hopefully they won’t turn out to be duds.  I have bought very little in clothing/presents as I’m painfully aware that I have to carry what I buy and I’m away for another three months….just letting everyone down gently that I’m not coming home with armfuls of presents.


Then we went to Joy Ride café and had dinner.  L had to teach class at 7, so she left at ¼ to.  I stayed on for a while.  They had a dessert called “Melba Love” which had peaches in it and also served Irish Coffee.  Think that they try to cater for all nationalities.  It’s known as a Gringo café, although they do encourage the locals. They have wifi.  Went to pay by Maestro but they came back and said that it wouldn’t work and did I have a credit card.

Students practising for Saturday
  Paid with cash.


Went back to hotel but when I was almost there I heard the sound of a band.  It was university students practising for a parade on Saturday.  It was just so vibrant and I followed them until they finished.  THIS is what you travel for, why you come to Bolivia;  la experiencia.  I took a short video on my camera and then it said that the memory card was full.  I had tried before to buy a larger memory card in Sucre, but they didn’t have one to fit my camera.  This time I was in luck; a shop on the main plaza sold me 2 Gig for USD29.  I think that was reasonable or cheap, but I’m not sure.


Finally went back to hotel and did some blogging.

Dancing in the street


Thanks again for those who’ve emailed me.  Sorry that the replies are incredibly short, or nonexistent.  I have best intentions, but even keeping the blog up to date is an effort when there’s so much more to do.  On three occasions I’ve spent ages trying to upload some short videos to travbuddy, but can’t even upload them to YouTube.  I suspect it's a combination of a slow puter with a slow connection and I might do better at a Hotel puter than mine.  Oh well, it's another learning experience. 


So tonight I had a video to show you, but no luck yet.  Hopefully I'll be organised before I return to Oz.  It's hardly professional photography, but it does convey the feeling and the music.

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Military Museo de Antonio Jose Suc…
Military Museo de Antonio Jose Su…
Shame about the nosewheel, among o…
Shame about the nosewheel, among …
From 1974, flew in Bolivian Air Fo…
From 1974, flew in Bolivian Air F…
Students practising for Saturday
Students practising for Saturday
Dancing in the street
Dancing in the street
More dancing.
More dancing.
I liked the drummer best
I liked the drummer best
Street stall, one of dozens.
Street stall, one of dozens.
photo by: AndySD