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My little room, Potosi

I have big plans for some last minute sightseeing in Potosi, but by the time I’ve had breakfast, tidied the room and packed my case, it’s nearly time to leave.  Somewhere during the morning my puter will not work with the wifi.  Don’t know what the problem is.  In telling me what the bill was, there was some confusion on my part.  I thought he was asking for 8 thousand, not 8 hundred, Bolivianos.  The decimal point is very important! 


The taxi comes on the dot of 12:15.  I count the number of times he toots the horn in the ten minutes it takes to get to the bus terminal; 7, and that’s not counting the individual times he beeps the horn, sometimes 3 times in quick succession.

Courtyard, Colonial Hostal, Potosi
  I paid 17BOB, AUD2.42 for the 3 hour bus ride to Sucre.  The seats are small and not deep enough and this is on the best bus!  Yes, I got the side with the scenic view, but also the side with the sun.


This morning I rang M of Fox Academy to confirm that I was arriving today as she hasn’t answered my last two emails.  She confirms that the family is expecting me and she will get there around 4:30 at their home. 


When we arrive in Sucre I share a taxi with two Finlandians who I met yesterday on the tour of the Casa de Moneda.  When they hear that I am coming to Helsinki in September, they give me their names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Tica Tica


NB Sucre is where the name is on the map, not way off on the north east.


When we get to the house that I’m to stay in, one of them goes down the 40 stairs to get someone to take my suitcase down.  The father, J, comes and gets my suitcase and I’m introduced to his wife and one daughter.  Then it starts to get rather strange.  They show me to my room, which opens onto an uncovered outdoor verandah.  Very basic, that’s OK.  But then the family promptly disappears.  M comes shortly after and the story becomes quite different from what I was told by email.  I’m not staying with the family, only in their rooms and will rarely see them as the parents both work and are very busy.

View from front of house, where I didn't stay the night
  There are about four other English speaking volunteers there, and we share a kitchen and a toilet/basin/shower.  M shows me the shower which she says is hot, but when I go to check, she turns it off and says it’s ok.  It appears that there is only a hot tap, not a cold tap, so I’m not sure how that works.  I’m expected to provide everything for myself, including toilet paper.  I’m left to my own devices and walk into town.  As it’s Sunday, restaurants are closed and it takes me a long time to find one open.  Along the way I do a lot of thinking about the situation.  By the time that I’ve finished dinner, I’ve decided that the accommodation is a money spinning venture for M and her family.  The mother in the family that I’m staying with is M’s sister.  There’s also someone else who comes in who’s M’s cousin.  That’s all fine, but I was lead to believe that I would be sharing the family’s kitchen, living room and tv and that I would improve my Spanish because I would be spending time with them and they didn’t speak English.  None of this is true.  My first impressions of Sucre are therefore rather tarnished.


After dinner I find a hotel, the second one that I visit, which has wifi and the cost is 170BOB, AUD24.48 pn and I book in.  With the help of a taxi driver and his wife I sneak back to the house, he carries my suitcase and I take the other things.  I lock the door and we disappear into the night.  All for 10BOB, AUD1.44, a lot of money for a taxi driver.

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My little room, Potosi
My little room, Potosi
Courtyard, Colonial Hostal, Potosi
Courtyard, Colonial Hostal, Potosi
Tica Tica
Tica Tica
View from front of house, where I …
View from front of house, where I…
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