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No sign anywhere - el correo - the Post Office

L came from 9 till 12 as usual.  I was feeling rather ordinary after breakfast; too much sugar and salt in the diet, need to change this.  I fiddled around copying pics to cds to send home to Oz and doing Spanish homework for L.  Finally went out about 4.  The clock shop was closed, so no new watch today.  Went to el Correo (Post office) to send 3 cds back to Oz.  BOB404, AUD57 for delivery within 10 days.  You must be joking!  Settled for BOB66, AUD9 for registered delivery by ship within 30 days.  Probably would have been better to wait until La Paz, but the deed’s done now.  With my slow walking and waiting for service at different windows, my trip took me an hour and a half.  Not to mention that el correo had no signage and wasn't easy to find.


Was asked to pay for first week here at hotel.  No problem but neither card would go through the hotel machine.  Close by atm was out of order.  Went out later.  ATM no. 1; no money.  ATM no. 2; max withdrawal BOB800, AUD115.20, not enough.  ATM 3, bingo.  Get enough money to pay the hotel bill plus some for me.


Total bill for 8 nights was BOB1784, AUD256.   Room BOB1570, AUD225;   Mini bar BOB140, AUD20,  Restaurant BOB50, AUD7;   Laundry BOB6, AUDO.86;   Telephone BOB18, AUD2.60.  The only inconsistent amount was for the phone, which was for one local call.  Everything else was extremely cheap compared to Oz.



Decided to have tea at place recommended as best on main plaza.  Turned out to be the first place I had eaten at the Sunday that I arrived.  I ordered a tbone steak.  Forgot to say “sin sal”; without salt.  It would have been ok if not totally coated in salt.  Scraped off the most that I could.  I’m really not a fan of the food here.  Haven’t had one really good meal, but I’ll keep trying.


Not sure what time the shops close here but I think it’s somewhere between 8:30 and 10, depending on the amount of business, type of shop etc. and many places close between around 12:30 and 2:30 for lunch. 

pepernoten says:
In some ways this reminds me of Sri Lanka - I eat a hell of a lot of plain rice there as the meals are far too hot for me, and the sort of fruit & veg that is standard in Europe/Australia simply isn't available there. But the people are so lovely and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.
Posted on: Jun 12, 2008
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No sign anywhere - el correo - the…
No sign anywhere - el correo - th…
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