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Got up to have a shower.  First it was hot, then turned completely cold and I couldn’t get any hot water at all.  Had to get dressed and spoke to girl on reception.  She brought a young guy with here; yep, there’s no hot water.  She goes away and comes back a couple of minutes later.  Now I have hot water and the best shower since I’ve arrived here.


I have some coffee and sit in the breakfast room.  Armando, the manager, comes and speaks to me.  He apologises for the guide the day before and says that someone from the company is coming to visit him.  Apparently the two girls (girls are anyone under 60) also were not impressed.  I say, that everything’s fine, but best that he know to spare others the same fate.


I sit in the garden and sort out the blog for a while.  It’s very pleasant and the weather is beautiful here.  Sunny but not hot.  Get a taxi into town around 1, but the roads are blocked off, so I walk the last bit.  Not sure why the roads are blocked, but later everything’s back to normal.  I go to Museo Sanctuarios Andinos at the Catholic University, recommended by some people on the tour yesterday.  Entrance NS15, AUD5.50, plus suggested donation to guide.  First there is a short film about the discovery of “Juanita”, the   body of an Inca girl aged 12-14 years, discovered in 1995, preserved for about 500 years in the snows atop Ampoto Volcano.  It is believed that she was sacrificed by the Incas.  The bodies of three other young children were also found.   We then see relics, materials, shoes etc that were found with the bodies and finally the body of “Juanita”, frozen inside a double sealed compartment.  Everything is in very low light, to preserve the exhibits, but even so, I cannot imagine being able to view such an exhibit in Australia, with so little security.


Afterwards I decide to try my luck again at the restaurant at Patio del Ecko.  I order the same meal, but this time the steak is raw, just lightly seared on the outside.  I ask for someone who speaks English and explain what I want, not exactly rocket science.  And please don’t send me back cold vegetables, like the other day.  The meal reappears, cold vegetables, meat still underdone, but edible.  When they take the plate away I tell the guy that the vegetables were cold.  No response.  15 minutes later, no service, so I put money on the table and leave.  Couldn’t recommend the restaurant, potentially excellent, but very poor service.  The funny thing is that they boast that they are there for the tourists, so I expect more than in the usual local restaurant.


Go into the supermarket again.  I notice that other tourists (blonde hair, young, with backpacks) walk in without being challenged.  All the locals obediently give their bags in at the counter.  I walk in with mine, no comment.  Active discrimination against the locals.  I catch a taxi back to the hotel, do some hotel reviews on Travbuddy, fiddle around, watch tv.  No photos today.
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photo by: halilee