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My room, Cusco

Went to school this morning, no splint so Allison and I could take a smaller taxi.  We had some difficulty getting a taxi because there were so many people wanting them.  After the lesson I went into the FairPlay office to use the wifi, but it was down again.  I got some money from an atm.  The maximum allowed was NS400, AUD147 which wasn’t enough for me as I had to pay the family and Nele, so I had to take a second lot of NS400.  Each withdrawal cost me NS4.5, AUD 2.50.  I found a very large bottle of wine for NS40, AUD14 which I wanted as a present for the family.  I would come back later to buy it, as I didn’t want to walk around with it all afternoon.


I sat and watched the dancers in the Plaza de Armas for a while and then went up to meet Nele at the Inca Museum.

My room, looking into bathroom, Cusco
  Entrance fee NS20, AUD7.34 for me.  No charge for Nele.  Locals can show an ID card and they get in for free.  We spent a long time in the museum; it was very interesting.  Afterwards we went to back to the Real McCoy, had a drink and shared some nachos.  When I left the restaurant, the Plaza was full of people and more people were arriving all the time.  I bought the bottle of wine and some wrapping paper and got a taxi.  It was 5 soles, I didn’t have anything smaller and it wasn’t worth bargaining. 


Not long after I arrived home Gloria and Roy also came home.  I gave them the rent money and the bottle, which I had wrapped in some pretty ghastly wrapping paper.  They were very pleased and I went up and had some food with them, which I didn’t really need.

Plaza de Armas, eve of Inti Raymi
  There was a nice cheese, similar to Edam, rolls and a dessert, peaches in a sweet juice, Chicha Morada.  The black maiz.  Sorry, can’t explain it better.  The peaches were very small compared to Oz and I had seen the small peaches in the market.  I was asked to taste a lime, which they call a lemon.  They call a lemon a lime.  Among other things, we talked about Cusco and Oz, differences and similarities.


Went back to my room and the others came home and told me what they’d been doing.  They’re going to the Plaza around 8:30 tomorrow morning, but I’m going to stay home, tidy up and pack my bag.  My right knee is a bit sore from the day’s outing and there will be many, many people in town.  I’ve already seen lots of dancers and bands and I don’t want to face the inevitable crush.


Trivia:  In Chile, Bolivia and Peru (well in Cusco anyway), when you go to the toilet you put the toilet paper in a bin next to the toilet, not in the toilet.  Obviously the toilet systems were not made to cope with paper.

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My room, Cusco
My room, Cusco
My room, looking into bathroom, Cu…
My room, looking into bathroom, C…
Plaza de Armas, eve of Inti Raymi
Plaza de Armas, eve of Inti Raymi
Procession, eve of Inti Raymi, Pla…
Procession, eve of Inti Raymi, Pl…
Natives of Peru, in Inca Museum
Natives of Peru, in Inca Museum
Terrible photo of Nele and me, Rea…
Terrible photo of Nele and me, Re…
Plaza de Armas, night before Inti …
Plaza de Armas, night before Inti…
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