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Main plaza, Sucre, white city.

After my Spanish lesson I give L her present and she is very happy.  I tidy my room and start packing so that it won’t be too much work tomorrow morning.  L comes back at 2 and we go and have a hamburger together.  The taxis and public transport are on strike today; against Morales again.  I get some money from an atm, we wander around the markets and buy some plastic utensils that she can use with her new pan.  Then we walk to the Mercado Negro (Black Market), actually it’s legal.  It’s 4 blocks uphill and we’re both exhausted when we get there.  We have a look around but don’t buy anything.  It’s mainly clothing and lots of it.  There are some taxis around now, so we get one back to the hotel. 


I have some discussion with L and Claudia, the receptionist about how I’m going to get to the airport in the morning.  L has offered to come with me and I’ve taken her up on the offer.  The plan is to get to the airport early so that I can get a suitable seat for the unbendable right leg.  There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed.  First, there’s a possibility that there’ll be another strike tomorrow and secondly there may be a blockade of the city area, which wouldn’t let a taxi through. ie there are two separate issues.  Claudia is worried that if that happens I couldn’t get to the airport.  My flight is at 10:30.  The good news is that I’m not going by bus, as apparently the buses can’t get from Sucre to La Paz because of a blockade.  Actually it’s quite hard to work out what is going to happen anywhere in the vicinity of Sucre.  I’m not really worried.  If there aren’t any taxis I’m sure I can find someone to take me to the airport for a price, eg. a friend of someone at the hotel.  If there’s a blockade as well, I’ll just walk through the blockade (that is permissible) and find someone at the other side to drive me the rest of the way.


Anyway by 7 pm we know that the taxis will be running in the morning and if there’s a blockade it won’t be before lunchtime, by which time I’ll be out of Sucre.  Simple!  I have a last hamburguesa; go back to my room and the band plays on, but only until about 10 pm.  With all this practising, I think that everyone is going to be very tired by tomorrow when the real thing happens, but no doubt the adrenalin will kick in.

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Main plaza, Sucre, white city.
Main plaza, Sucre, white city.
photo by: AndySD