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I just finished my first official week of saving lives...I mean, making a movie. It's easy to confuse, considering the way everyone runs around yelling like they're carrying a heart transplant. It was a good week, but I quickly remembered how much bullshit can also be involved behind the scenes. Every department thinks they're the most important and the others are expendable. Luckily as a lowly P.A. I can avoid the politics and be a friend to all. My job as a Production Assistant is simply to know at all times where the entire cast and crew are and where they actually should be. I also get to tell everyone when to shut up so we can roll film. PAs are part of the A.D. (assistant directors) department which, as you guessed it, is the most important one.
It's made up of the 1st AD, 2nd AD, 2nd 2nd (seriously. that's not a typo. Hollywood has issues with counting), Key Set PA and as many PAs as we get. In this case: one. Me. (We're all a little mystified how a $25 million budget can't seem to afford a couple more. hmmm.) Alisa is the 2nd. Hence my job in this department. I'm doing my best to remember she's my boss on set, not my sister, and refrain from my usual sarcastic backtalk. So far I think we're holding up pretty well. And aside from the fact that we look alike, sound alike, and I've been mistaken for her daily, I don't think anyone would guess we're related.
Working on a movie crew can definitely be far from glamorous. By the end of our 15-hour days, I'm undoubtedly sweaty, hurting and exhausted. My feet hate me considering I stand for 14.5 out of those 15 hours. (I've made it a top priority to go buy some Dr. Scholl's this weekend!) And most of our weeks are 6 days. By our last shot last night, I looked around to see every crew member falling asleep where they stood. A few of us went for some beers once we were done, just to feel like life is a little more than just working and sleeping, but the party doesn't last very long after a week like that.
On the positive (and far more glamorous) side, Alisa and I will be heading over to a party at Tyrese Gibson's tonight. The cast, producers and select members of the crew were invited over for sushi and wine. Once again, I benefited from being the sister of the 2nd to get the invite. I of course want to go, but am a little hesitant. I have visions of walking in, the music scratching to a halt and someone asking, "Who invited the PA?" I did however get the personal invite from Tyrese's assistant and have slowly been winning Tyrese, himself, over; one pink starburst at a time. So I'm hopeful that scenario will remain solely in my imagination.
erhead says:
He likes the pink ones? I don't know anybody who likes the pink ones.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2008
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