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charlotte, me, justas and andreanne
I stayed a total of four days with Justas, exploring the streets of Vilnius while he worked. On Saturday I met up with another couchsurfer, Margarita, for the evening. She couldn't host me, but threw out the invitation to join her and friends for a concert. The Lithuanian band Skamp was playing and are, apparently, a pretty big deal here. Since Margarita's company was hosting the event, we got in for free. Always a plus. Especially considering the music wasn't exactly my favorite, but still fun and a good inside look at Lithuanian pop culture. After the show, we hit up a wine bar. It was good to hang out with some girls and gain a perspective I can't get from Justas and his friends.

On Sunday, two girls from Quebec joined the couchsurfing party.
justas' rooftop
Andreanne and Charlottle. Justas and Tadas took the three of us to yet another surrounding lake and, although still too cold to swim, we soaked up the sun and beauty of it all.

As it turns out, the boys play basketball every Sunday evening in an open-gym. This is where -- after Justas implied that I can shoot off to the side while they play -- my defense of American and women's basketball had to set to work. I've never claimed to be a pro. I know my weaknesses on the court, that's for sure. However, I know the game. I can shoot. And I spent two-years worth of lunch hours proving myself with all the boys in my Des Moines gym. So aside from the fact that I haven't been able to exercise regularly on this trip and there's the possibility I may kiel over in the middle of a game, I'm not scared of boys with a basketball. Bring it on Lithuania.

However tough that last paragraph may have sounded, I was extremely relieved when we walked past the full-court game of rather large and athletic beasts, to the half-court setting of 4-on-4. As I suspected, I was not in good basketball shape, by any means, but I think I won them over despite the fact. I even got a few compliments from Justas himself.

My ability to count to ten even came in handy again. But that's where my Lithuanian court-talk knowledge ended. Turns out their word for "shoot" sounds an awful lot like "pass." You can imagine how damaging that was to the ego when every time I got the ball, my whole team would yell "Pass! Pass! Pass!"

Lithuanians are very proud of their basketball. It's even more important to them than soccer. So I think it was very appropriate and cool that I got the chance to partake. And this experience further illustrates my love for sports and how you can bond over something without even having to talk (or being able to, for that matter.) The added sweetness came with surprising--and possibly even impressing--Justas and his Lithuanian male ego. Chalk one up for American girls.
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charlotte, me, justas and andreanne
charlotte, me, justas and andreanne
justas rooftop
justas' rooftop
photo by: sheylla