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My bus ride to Galway could have been (if I may be so dramatic) a catastrophic one. Apparently, when the driver said our stopover in Limerick would end at 12:50, what he meant was 12:20. So when I came back from grabbing food and running to the loo, ready to board at 12:40, the bus--and my bag, stored conveniently underneath--were long gone. I was convinced that was the time that was said, repeated and then reiterated by fellow passengers. So I didn't understand how it came to be that I was the only one standing at the empty bus bay, with a bewildered look on my face and no bag on my back.

Moments like these make me happy I'm traveling in Europe.
keith, mareko, me, amandine, adrian
And let's be honest...northern Europe at that. There are many places where the probability of me getting that bag back would be worse than my chances of becoming a professional linebacker, and the driver and his collection of black-market cronies would be having a garage sale before I could get on the next bus.

However, I'm in Ireland. A country that, for all I can tell, has too much Catholic guilt built up over the years to ever do something as dishonest as that, and one phone call from the attendant to the driver assured that my bag would be waiting--safely--for me when I finally reached Galway on the next bus. A round of applause for honest, helpful people, please.

My host Adrian picked me (and my bag!) up at the station. He's an Irish guy that has done his fair share of traveling and recently moved back to a nice townhouse on the edge of the city with random roommates.
mama guinness and baby guinness
One of those roommates, Keith, and a couple of friends joined us for a "quiet" night on the town. A few pubs, Baby Guinnesses (to match the full grown Guinnesses) and dinner with saké later, we returned home with two very drunk boys.

Adrian and his friends were all very nice, but I'm afraid he's going to go down in the books as the host that woke me up in the middle of the night to ask if I wanted some company. Mind you, this was after he repeatedly apologized for a drunken Keith that was starting to come on a bit strong, and after I met his (quote/unquote) "girlfriend."

But I'm not one to dwell on awkwardness, and I never felt myself in any actual danger. So with a refusal from me (followed by multiple, humiliated apologies that night and the next day), that was that. And I was leaving the next day, so the story could end there.

Until, of course, I miss the bus to my next destination, forcing me to stay in Galway for one more night. Woops. Not exactly the best timing for a mistake such as that. But the second night was truly a quiet one and drinking was not part of the equation. So aside from a few more apologies, it was as if it never happened. I did, however, opt to sleep in the room on the most-opposite side of the house from his. Just to be safe.
phova says:
Ummm...hello, my former home. I spent many a night in the Blue Note, Hole in the Wall, and King's Head (among other places, of course). Brings back memories reading your Ireland blogs. Hope you're having fun.
Posted on: Sep 09, 2008
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keith, mareko, me, amandine, adrian
keith, mareko, me, amandine, adrian
mama guinness and baby guinness
mama guinness and baby guinness
photo by: AleksandraEa