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the after-party walk to breakfast
I explored the area of Kreuzberg a little more today. Márton lives in Neukölln, which is slightly dirtier but very close to K-berg. I don't know if I can explain why I love this area so much, and trying to capture it on a camera seems equally difficult. This area is in the former east and has a high Turkish population. (Berlin supposedly has the third highest Turkish concentration, after Istanbul and Ankara.) This means lots of inexpensive shops and multiple opportunities to buy Döners (a new personal favorite street food of mine that consists of a mysterious shaved meat and salad in a grilled pita. Delicious.)

I ventured to a street festival in the area. Some Australians from my hostel were performing there and told me about it.
The UN meeting: France, Latvia, U.S., Italy, Spain and Hungary
I never found my hostelmates, but the music, contortionists and flame throwers were definitely enough to keep me entertained for a few hours.

When I got back to the apartment, I had the nice excitement of a new surfer awaiting me. Anne Charlotte, from Lyon France, had also contacted Márton about staying for a couple days. We became instant friends because she's a very cool girl and that's just what you do when you're staying in someone's living room together. It's possible Charlotte might be the only French person I actually know right now, but I'm convinced she'll forever be my favorite. She's a journalist that came to Berlin to do a personal film project. It involves interviewing all different types of Berliners and getting their perspective on the city. This results in conversations with intellectuals over coffee and "Reggae" the drug-lord of Grölitzer Park (who quickly befriended her and served as a protector if any of the other park loungers got too aggressive). I'm not sure anyone else could do this project as well as her. But given her hilarious take on everything, complete enthusiasm for her work and a french accent that's just as exaggerated and thick as you could ever hope it to be, I think she'll have a great piece of work in the end.

After unsuccessfully trying to find some sort of film festival in Friedrichshain, Charlotte and I spent our first night as a happy little couchsurfing family together at Márton's birthday party. His friends rented out a spot and we collectively created an open bar. It was very unfortunate that moments before we got to the party, my body decided to be sick. My head, nose and stomach simultaneously started to throb and ache, so I became that girl that, despite my best intentions or desires, could do nothing more than sit on the couch and watch others have a great time. Luckily, the couches were comfortable and I had a pretty steady flow of party-goers joining me for awhile and I even managed to make a couple friends. Just imagine if I was feeling good!

Márton's circle of friends (and Berlin in general) is insanely international. I believe I did talk with a couple Germans, but there were also a lot of Italians, an Argentinian and even one other American. One guy, Nicola, provided the most entertainment, along with inviting me to the dancefloor, breakfast and meeting his parents all within a 10-minute span. He's one of the Italians, if you didn't guess.

Going for breakfast turned into a group effort - at 7 in the morning, when the party finally wrapped up. It was slightly more like a United Nations meeting than breakfast, considering our group of six represented six different countries. Not sure about you, but I think that's pretty great.
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the after-party walk to breakfast
the after-party walk to breakfast
The UN meeting: France, Latvia, U.…
The UN meeting: France, Latvia, U…
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