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in Tacheles with some good ol' german beer
In an unfortunate coincidence, all of my new hostel friends left on the same day. I was thrust back into solitude and forced to begin anew.

This lasted a whole 20 minutes.

My new friend-o-the-day, Matt, awaited me at breakfast. I briefly met him the night before, and in a stroke of luck, we both ventured to the common room at the same time this morning. And since we were both without much to do for the day, he came up with the brilliant plan of a bike ride. Actually, I would ride a bike and he would run. (I'm perfectly okay with how lazy that makes me look.) He had left his bike 6 miles away at a friend's and needed to get it back, but also wanted to run. So you see...my "laziness" did him a favor.

We rode the train to the area of Friedrichshain, grabbed the bike, then proceeded to weave our way in and out of the streets and parks of Kreuzberg (my new favorite area of Berlin) all the way back to our hostel.
matt, from san francisco
It was brilliant.

Germany played today, so Matt and I met up again later in the evening to watch. This was followed by another game at another pub. It's kinda the thing to do when you're in Europe this summer. It's impossible not to get caught up in the enthusiasm, when it's all you see every night and every restaurant, pub and coffee shop is showing the game on a big screen. I'm very much a fair-weather fan. If I'm with Germans, I cheer for Germany, some days I'm all about Italy and you already saw how much I love Sweden. I make no excuses...it's all about making it more fun.

After the games, we hit up Tacheles. It's a bar that has a special place in my heart: When I was last in Berlin in 2000, someone lead us to this great bar whose name I could never remember on a street I couldn't begin to place.
in that fabulous red jazz room
It was an old abandoned building that had been taken over by artist squatters. Every inch of the inside is covered with graffiti and the backyard is a sandpit strewn with miscellaneous benches, bars and old couches. I love it. And as it turns out, this mysterious bar on some secret street is two blocks from my hostel. Go figure. What's even better is that I found a new love within this glorious place: On the third floor there's a small bar, full of couches and lit with a red glow. The DJ plays old school sleepy blues, like Ray Charles and Otis Redding, and I'm convinced I could sit in there for days.

It was a good day with my new buddy Matt (an American who now lives in San Francisco after 5 years of school and work in Denmark and Lithuania). But as you guessed it...he leaves tomorrow.
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in Tacheles with some good ol ger…
in Tacheles with some good ol' ge…
matt, from san francisco
matt, from san francisco
in that fabulous red jazz room
in that fabulous red jazz room
lots of stairs and lots of graffit…
lots of stairs and lots of graffi…
photo by: CFD