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I caught an uneventful ferry ride across the Irish Sea to the land of the Scots and arrived in Glasgow with the continuing trend of not knowing where I would stay. All of the couchsurfers had seemingly ignored my pleas (it's been a very busy summer for the European hosts), save one, who couldn't host but invited me out for the night. So after finding an internet connection and a bed in Euro Hostel, I took Soroosh up on that offer.

He volunteered to pick me up, so I waited on the street corner in front of the hostel for the ride. Without having any idea what car he drove and only knowing him from pictures, I found myself peering into all the windows of the passing cars. I quickly stopped and stepped back inside the hostel when I realized what that must look like: A girl standing on the street corner, staring curiously at every male that drove by alone.
Hmmm. Not exactly the kind of work I was looking for this summer.

But alas he arrived and off we went to the hip west side of town for a pint. I don't think my body wanted the drink, though, because half way through my first beer, I could feel my throat closing and in a matter of 20 minutes, I had more or less lost my voice.

By the time we joined his friends and hit up a way-too-posh-for-the-flipflops-i'm-wearing artsy VIP party, it was no use. I attempted to knock back one more but had to give up when the act of swallowing simply ceased to work. Pair that with screaming over the drug-induced techno beats coming from the dance floor and my voice completely left me without a decent story as to why. I didn't even get to go through that sexy, raspy voice stage that would qualify me for radio deejaying or unmentionable phone operations.
Soroosh and friends
Nope. It just jumped straight to the 97-year-old smoker/"I'm calling from inside the house" type, when it worked at all.

Soroosh and his friends were great. It is a shame he had to leave town and couldn't host me, but I met a fair share of cool people at the hostel and periodically enjoy switching it up. I hadn't booked enough nights though, and by Saturday was seriously facing the possibility of homelessness. I still hadn't heard from any hosts and my hostel -- along with every other hostel in town -- was fully or overbooked due to a soccer game in town. Every guest I befriended was in the same predicament, and I seriously starting contemplating who would be the best companion to camp out with on the bus station floor.

But I gave the couchsurfing effort one more go, and to my relief, an Aussie musician Jaymz saved the day.
No cold bus stations for me. Instead it was a house of four Australians and all the couchsurfers they rescue. Three out of the four flatmates are members, so they've created a bit of a mini-hostel, accepting most who write them. Apparently, one night, they housed 14 guests who didn't mind sleeping on the floor. I only had to share the house with one Canadian guy the first night and three Germans and a Mexican the next. It was great, though. One of the roommates is basically always there and all of them are equally laid back and cool to talk to. It seems like they'd get tired of it all, but I suppose when you're already sharing the space with three roommates, what's one (or 13) more?

Glasgow itself is a cool city. It supposedly has a great music scene, which is very attractive to me but I'd have to stay longer to truly experience. Most backpackers skip the town and head straight to Edinburgh. I suppose there aren't many specific tourist attractions that draw people in, but there is a hip, urban atmosphere I felt and enjoyed immediately when I arrived. Perhaps it's a better place to live than to tour, but still, in my opinion, worth a visit. Soroosh took me to the west (and most expensive) side the first night, the hostel was in the center, my Aussie hosts lived in the cheaper east side and I walked the breadth of the difference. So I left feeling like I'd seen most of what Glasgow had to offer and, for the most part, liked what I saw.
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Soroosh and friends
Soroosh and friends
photo by: spocklogic