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I'm in France and I can feel it. The buildings. The people. The baguettes. I even saw a beret and heard an "ooh la la" on the first day, just to clinch it.

I've been to Paris once before. But that trip included my friend Debbie and I nearly getting robbed...twice. And a puzzling 5am moment in a subway station where one man got down on the tracks to walk over and yell at us and another followed us on and off of train stops to do the same. It makes for a good story, but not exactly a great impression. I knew I needed to return to this marvelous city, to discover that it IS actually marvelous and not just filled with crazy, screaming kleptomaniacs.

I was sold on the first night. After seven weeks in the english-speaking UK, I had to reaquaint myself with truly being a foreigner.
Relying on little pictures and names I can't begin to pronounce correctly to find my way on the metro. Utilizing french phrases like "Do you speak english?" and lots of hand gestures. I even had to relearn which way to look for cars. I still double-check both ways when my brain can't focus quickly enough, just to be safe.

But I love that I hear french everywhere I go. And say hello and goodbye with a kiss on each cheek. Then meander home through the cafe-lined streets, filled with espresso-drinking smokers. Past the young couples suffocating into each other's faces on park benches and the drunken men urinating in dark (or not-so-dark) street corners. Past the crowds of tourists, locals and distractingly abundant beautiful men.

Seriously. If I were to be keeping track of such a thing, I would have to say Paris is winning at the moment in the category of eye-candy. French and foreign boys alike. It's almost more than I can handle, as all the rubbernecking is starting to give me whiplash. I'm sure each beautiful man is accompanied by an equally beautiful Parisian woman, but who can be bothered to notice. I think I'm going to like it here.

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Sacré Coeur
Sacré Coeur
paris in pieces
paris in pieces
photo by: Sweetski