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The Jomtien Beach

A couple of days later we pick up Benny's daughter Voon and head to the beach.  Early this year we went to Pattaya but if you know anything about Pattaya you know it is not a place for an 8 year old girl.  We did not want ot travel to far so we just went to the next beach over to place called Jomtien.

We took a second class bus to Jomtien which means except in Bangkok the buses just stops on the side of the highway in each town it passes through.  We did not have a hotel reservation in Jomtien so we had to take a motor cycle taxi from just outside of the town to the beach area.

Yippee Farang food
  the drivers just dropped us in front of a nice hotel called Seabreeze Resort.  From the street the hotel looked a bit to fancy for us so we walked around but saw nothing we liked.  I took a chance and asked for a room rate and was very surprised how cheap the place was.  I will review the Seabreeze later, but soon.

On a side note I had a bit of a funny problem with my glasses.  I grew up in a very cold city in Northern British Columbia and in the winter many times my glasses would steam up during the winter.  What would happen is I would go from the very cold outside into something very warm like my house and instantly my glasses would become fully steamed up to the point I would not be able to see for a number of minutes.  In Thailand the opposite happened a few times.  I left the hot humid air and came into cold air conditioning and whoopees Kent can't see.

Hey I like buses. The people on this bus were having a great time.
  The worst was going onto Bangkok's BTS.  The trains in Thailand all seem to be cooled to the point of being only slightly warmer then the North Pole.

One the highlights of Jomtien was watching Benny's daughter play.  I am not sure how often see gets to go to the beach but the Voon did three things in Jomtien.  The most common thing she did was swim in the ocean often finding another girl to play with.  She then would get bored and cross the roads and go swimming in one of the two hotel pools.  The only thing she did that did not involve swimming was sleeping after she had exhausted herself but she would quickly recover and head back into the water.

Two very good things happened in Jomtien for me. The first thing seems small but for me it makes the trip better.  Not only did I finally remember to take my camera out of the hotel room and best of all we did accidentally erase them before I had a chance to download them onto this sight.  The second thing was I got to start to pig out on seafood.  We have decent seafood here in Vancouver but it is not cheap so I rarely eat it unless it is in the form of sashima or sushi.  Seafood I Thailand is cheap and was readily available while I was lying on Jomtien Beach.  I love the fact that in Thailand you can get seafood, among other things, delivered right to your beach chair.

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The Jomtien Beach
The Jomtien Beach
Yippee Farang food
Yippee Farang food
Hey I like buses.  The people on t…
Hey I like buses. The people on …
photo by: Kju