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I woke up very early, considering I had a date with Senor Jose last night, and followed each meeting with Mr. Malibu. Or is Malibu so girly it's a Miss? Either way, I packed up, Kman and I considered the possibility that I'm on speed, and Mon and I headed to the train station. A still-drunk Tiff did not join us.

The ride was really incredible and so scenic. A lot of the time, the tracks were right on the beaches. Literally, the sand would start about 10 feet from the track, it was insane. There were surfers as often as they could be, and it was really relaxing to ride up the coast this way. I HP'd and crocheted and snoozed, waking up in front of Angel Stadium.

I finally got into Union Station in LA, met up with Jen and we headed for PV. [They live in Rancho Palos Verdes, which is commonly just called PV. I will undoubtedly spend the rest of the trip getting PB and PV confused.] Jen lives in the house she lived in the first time I visted, when I was 16. I remember so much of it, but it was so weird! We pretended I was going to teach her how to sew, but just hung out instead, it was nice! We went up to Doverridge, which is where her parents/sister live. Isabell is almost three, and ADORABLE.

We played hide and go seek, which consits of Iz going "you count, I hide, ok!" and then her "hiding" against the wall. For the first time today, she yelled "I'm right here, come get me!" It was hilarious. We went back to Ambergate, and then eventually met James at a resturant called Claim Jumper. Everything there is "huge and fried" and that's a true story. We ended up with way too much food, but bought icecream afterwards anyway. The late evening was spent in front of the television, and when it was time for bed, James offered to take shots with me so I would feel more at home. I didn't believe him, but appreciated the gesture, hahah!
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